Jupiter in Eleventh House

Jupiter in the eleventh house fulfills your desires, gives you a huge friend circle & makes you lead a comfortable life. It makes you earn good wealth and become financially stable with your dedication, hard work and correct ways and means.

Jupiter in Eleventh House


Usual Effects of Jupiter in 11th House

Jupiter in 11th house brings you added energy to pursue your desires, gives you good relations with your siblings and blesses you with gains and prosperity. It is also capable of giving you immense benefits from authorities that you deal with.

The 11th house governs your progress from the very beginning and sees you grow right from the scratch. Your desires hold a very high position in life and this is the house without whose blessings your desires would not get fulfilled. This house holds the key to all the success and without its approval success will not be there.

Here, Jupiter has a bearing on the outcomes of your social interactions and the social activities that you take part in, what these mean for you and what gains they may bring for you. Jupiter brings opportunities for you to expand your social circles with new contacts developing every now and then.

Jupiter brings good interaction with your elder siblings and improves your relationship with them, it brings you closer to them and creates a deep bond with them. Your elder siblings take care of you and extend their help to you when you are in need. You always have someone with whom you can share your feelings and depend upon for help and support.

A well-placed Jupiter in this house blesses you with high income and gains from your activities and efforts. It expands your earnings through various means and thereby improves your financial status.

Jupiter here gives you a good and dependable friend circle, you will share a deep bond with your friends, and they would value your friendship. They will look up to you for help and support and, in turn, you would be very proactive in extending your best hand forward to help them at any cost. You will be socially active and your friend circle would be ever expanding.

Positive Jupiter

A positive Jupiter in the 11th house expands your social circle, brings deep bonding with elder siblings, and gives you benefits from authority. The Zodiac sign, exact degree, conjunction and influences other planets have on your Jupiter determine a positive polarity of Jupiter.

Negative Jupiter

A negative Jupiter in 11th house may bring irregularity in income despite rise in your income. The Zodiac sign, exact degree, conjunction and influences other planets have on your Jupiter determine a negative polarity of Jupiter.

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Some notable sign placements for Jupiter in 11th House

  • Cancer Jupiter: Jupiter in Cancer is in exalted position, it blesses you with wisdom, knowledge, literary skills, empathy, and creativity. It also enhances your mental capability and bestows you with many sources of wealth and good financial status.
  • Sagittarius Jupiter: This combination blesses you with an inclination towards spiritualism and makes you fond of travelling. It gives you strong determination with an impressive personality.
  • Capricorn Jupiter: Jupiter is debilitated in this position and brings more struggles in your way, making your life path not quite easy-going. It makes you hard working but also makes you averse to limitations and restrictions.
  • Pisces Jupiter: This combination makes you virtuous and moral. It blesses you with name and fame. You are always offering a helping hand to others.

Retrograde Jupiter in 11th House

Retrogression of Jupiter in 11th house may lead to delay in success, no matter the hard work you put into your professional activities. Your image may get a setback and there may be false rumours towards tarnishing your image.

Combust Jupiter in 11th House

Combustion of Jupiter may bring irritation and a lack of confidence for performing as your true self. Your actions may not be as powerful and effective as expected.

Common Yoga positions possible with Jupiter in 11th House

  • Dhan Yoga: Jupiter in the 11th house, in its own sign, forms a Dhan Yoga that bestows you with abundant wealth.

Famous people with Jupiter in 11th House

  • Indira Gandhi (Indian Politician, 3rd Prime Minister of India): Jupiter in the 11th house of her horoscope, aspecting both Sun and Moon, gave her benefits from the government and fame as she came into prominence as the first female Prime Minister of India. Sun-Mercury conjunction in the 5th house of her horoscope forms Budh Aditya Yoga that provided her with the zeal to work in government administration.
  • Jim Carrey (Canadian-American Actor & Comedian): His chart shows not only Jupiter in the 11th house but also a 6 planets conjunction in that house which propelled his prosperity and fame. Mars in his 10th house makes him very energetic and ambitious with strong determination.

Other notable people with Jupiter in 11th House

  • Venus Williams (American Tennis Player)
  • Kapil Sharma (Indian Comedian)

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