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Jupiter in Eleventh House

Jupiter in Eleventh House

When you have Jupiter in 11th house, you have a lot of connections who will be ready to offer help anytime. You are equally dedicated to them too. You form quick associations with people who are intellectual, optimistic and possibly of foreign descent. These friendships often turn out to be everlasting. Your active social life often becomes the reason of your tendency to over-indulge which causes health issues as obesity and so on. You also turn out to be extravagant when with friends which should be avoided. You friends tend to be influential and loyal to you.

People with Jupiter in 11th house usually gain achievement in life due to financial and moral assistance from their friends who tend to enjoy influential positions in society. You have a way with planning group events and gatherings. You believe in companionship and are quite generous towards your social connections. You strongly support the idea of groups than solitude.

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