Jupiter in Second House

Jupiter in second house impacts your knowledge, the way you influence people, your family & wealth. A positive Jupiter blesses you with an attractive speech, skills to earn money & excellent money management. Gaj Kesari Yoga is formed when Jupiter in the 2nd house is at the first, fourth, seventh or tenth place from the Moon, making you prosper in life and extremely wealthy.

Jupiter in Second House

Usual effects of Jupiter in 2nd House

Jupiter in the 2nd house blesses you with high status in society, makes you very social and an influential personality in your personal as well as professional circles. Jupiter in this house provides opportunities to expand your friend circle, people known to you also look forward to befriending you due to your magnetic personality.

This position makes you prosperous with a good life. Your fortune will support you in your efforts and lead to expected outcomes in all spheres. You will do well in authoritative and leadership roles, people under you would feel elated to have a leader of your calibre and personality.

This position renders enemies weak in front of you and those busy conspiring against you will not be successful. However, they would continuously try to get past you and harm you, hence you need to be alert and take adequate precautions.

Since the 2nd house is the base for pre-primary education, family and wealth, Jupiter, when placed here, will enhance all related fields. Your educational base and family front are good and optimistic, providing you a stable foundation that will see you through your entire life.

You have a knack for business with good strategy, which leads to your growth. You have the skills to invest money in the right place and get good returns. These qualities would make you a prosperous and renowned businessperson.

Jupiter in the 2nd house makes you generous, well-behaved and extends benefits from the government. You will get success in life. You are always ready to extend a helping hand to the needy, care for them and be kind to them in providing them help and support.

This position also blesses you with good looks, intelligence and knowledge; bestows you with longevity and respect in society. You are soft in your speech.

This position of Jupiter makes one a good writer or astrologer.

Positive Jupiter

A positive Jupiter in the second house makes you optimistic and gives you a sense of respect. Your financial condition will be great. It gives you immense material possession and a sweet speech. This position blesses you with wealth from many sources.

Negative Jupiter

A negative Jupiter in the second house causes health complications; gives you a high urge for luxury and comforts, which may lead to wrong means for earning money.

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Some notable sign placements for Jupiter in 2nd House

Cancer-Jupiter: This is a powerful position that blesses you with the ability to monitor your actions and relationships. It will enhance your empathetic nature and bless you with wisdom, knowledge and success in life. It will also bless you with an abundance of wealth.

Sagittarius-Jupiter: This position blesses you with knowledge, understanding and principles. You have the knack to earn and multiply your wealth. You have your own ideologies, are self-confident and curious about everything in life. This position makes you fortunate and blesses you with sudden positive opportunities.

Capricorn-Jupiter: This position makes you focussed, disciplined and gives you a practical approach. Luck will be on your side if you follow the right path. There may be delays and obstacles, but you have the ability to overcome them.

Pisces-Jupiter: This is a powerful position but makes your agenda and aggression covert rather than overt. It brings progress but your fixed nature does cause issues with regard to your image.

Retrograde Jupiter in 2nd House

Retrogression of Jupiter in 2nd house causes delays in your desired achievements. But, despite hurdles, you never accept defeat and fight with adversities.

Combust Jupiter in 2nd House

Combustion of Jupiter in 2nd house slows down your progress and prosperity. Due to combustion, Jupiter fails to produce desired success, achievements on time and a smooth life.

Common Yoga positions possible with Jupiter in 2nd House

  • Kalanidhi Yoga: Jupiter in 2nd house with the combination of Mercury and Venus forms Kalanidhi Yoga. This yoga bestows you with creativity and expertise in artistic fields. If this yoga has some negative influences, then it prevents you from earning the expected name and fame, along with prosperity.

Famous People with Jupiter in 2nd House

  • Roger Federer (Swiss Tennis Player): He has Jupiter in the 2nd house with Saturn in his horoscope. Due to Saturn conjunction, he might face delays and hurdles in getting the desired wealth and success. But despite this, he has achieved success and popularity and is regarded as one of the best tennis players of all times.
  • Donald Trump (American Politician, Businessman & 45th US President): Jupiter is in the 2nd house in his horoscope and has blessed him with lots of wealth, prosperity and materialistic pleasures in life. He has earned wealth from different sources and multiplied it miraculously. He has a great and influential speech as Jupiter is in the house of speech.
  • Diego Maradona (Argentine Football Player & Manager): Jupiter is placed in the 2nd house with Saturn in his birth chart. Due to Saturn’s influence, results may not be as expected, but still he has earned a lot of wealth, prosperity and fame and has been recognized as one of the best footballers in the world, of all times.
  • Neil Armstrong (American Astronaut & Aeronautical Engineer): Jupiter in 2nd house bestowed him with decent wealth, made him good and wise in speculation and investments and an expert in making money through correct means. It made him a famous personality and blessed him with benefits from authorities and the government as a naval aviator. He became a known name world-over when he became first man to step on the Moon.

Other notable people with Jupiter in 2nd House

  • Emran Hashmi (Indian Actor)
  • Tiger Shroff (Indian Actor)

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