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Jupiter in Second House

Jupiter in Second House

With Jupiter in 2nd house, you are someone born with a silver spoon. Your financial position never wavers despite the challenges brought upon by life. That is because your luck quotient comes into play. You seem to have a way with handling money. You have a lot of material possessions in your name so finance is definitely your strong area of life. You seem to have an exceptional talent to accumulate wealth. There is a reason why people call you lucky.

You even receive financial help from others when required, if at all. Moreover, you over-indulge. You have an insatiable desire for rich delights, sweets and desserts, an area where you need to curb your cravings. Your intuition in investment matters is also strong as luck supports you. During retrogression, Jupiter in this house makes you too materialistic and hedonistic in nature. Depending upon aspects and position, it can also cause financial losses.

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