Jupiter in Tenth House

Jupiter in tenth house places you high up in your professional journey, makes you hardworking & prosperous. You like to travel and gain knowledge about different cultures and people. Hamsa Yoga is a possible planetary combination with Jupiter in this house that will give you popularity and prosperity. 

Jupiter in Tenth House


Usual Effects of Jupiter in 10th House

Jupiter in 10th house blesses you with the needed moral values and ethics that develop and nurture your personality to make you upright and straightforward, wise, righteous, and responsible towards your role in life and the way you handle things and people connected with you, your attitude towards them.

In this position, Jupiter guides your journey in societal activities, your image in society and connection with people around you. It is responsible for your reputation in society and associates you with the various events and actions that you take in social circles and the impact therein.

It makes you are very kind and generous; it makes you value the needs of people and help the needy selflessly. This attitude brings you lots of praise and makes you approachable. You command high reputation and fame in society. The 10th house is related to your career, your image in society, honour, reputation, responsibilities, and status. Jupiter here brings you immense success in career, it makes you a famous personality and brings you a good name and fame in society.

It makes you inclined towards politics and also provides good chances of success in politics as a career since you have a following that supports you for your kind and compassionate attitude, your inclination to help the needy and capacity for immense hard work oriented towards the development of society, the good of everyone.

Jupiter in this position gives you good foresight and intuitive power that allow you to prepare yourself for future events well in advance, leaving no room for failure. This also conserves your energy and efforts since you are aware of how much hard work is needed for handling the upcoming events. The 10th house is related to your professional success and growth, it also tells what life has in store for you in terms of your profession, the field that you may take up and how you will perform in your professional endeavours. This brings you greater responsibilities and better positions at your workplace and takes you up the ladder of success.

Jupiter in the 10th house also brings you stability in your financial status, enhances your wealth to an extent that your life is comfortable and you do not have to worry about monetary support from outside as it makes you self-sufficient in terms of money.

Positive Jupiter

A positive Jupiter in 10th house gives you success in career, makes you very intelligent, knowledgeable and wise. You hold a good reputation in society. The Zodiac sign, exact degree, conjunction and influences of other planets on your Jupiter determine a positive polarity of Jupiter.

Negative Jupiter

A negative Jupiter in 10th house may bring a feeling of overconfidence and make you egoistic due to the immense success that you get in life. The Zodiac sign, exact degree, conjunction and influences of other planets on your Jupiter determine a negative polarity of Jupiter.

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Some notable sign placements for Jupiter in 10th House

  • Cancer Jupiter: Jupiter in Cancer is in exalted position, it blesses you with wisdom, knowledge, literary skills, empathy, and creativity. It also enhances your mental capability and bestows you with many sources of wealth and good financial status.
  • Sagittarius Jupiter: This combination blesses you with an inclination towards spiritualism and makes you fond of travelling. It gives you strong determination with an impressive personality.
  • Capricorn Jupiter: Jupiter is debilitated in this position and brings more struggles in your way, making your life path not quite easy-going. It makes you hard working but also makes you averse to limitations and restrictions.
  • Pisces Jupiter: This combination makes you virtuous and moral. It blesses you with name and fame. You are always offering a helping hand to others.

Retrograde Jupiter in 10th House

Retrogression of Jupiter in the 10th house may lead to delays in translating your hard work into success in professional activities. Your image may get a setback and there may be false rumours towards tarnishing your image.

Combust Jupiter in 10th House

Combustion of Jupiter may bring irritation and lack of confidence for performing as your true self. Your actions may not be as powerful and effective as expected.

Common Yoga positions possible with Jupiter in 10th House

  • Hamsa Yoga: This yoga is formed when Jupiter is placed in Sagittarius, Pisces or Cancer and is in one of the Kendra houses. This yoga blesses you with prosperity, name and fame, and gives you an inclination towards spiritualism.
  • Gaj Kesari Yoga: This yoga is formed when Moon joins Jupiter, blessing you with prosperity, success and comforts in life.

Famous People with Jupiter in 10th House

  • Mother Teresa (Roman Catholic Nun of Albanian Descent): Jupiter in the 10th house of her horoscope made her passionate towards her work, bold and energetic, gave her an inclination towards religious deeds, and good healing capacity. This position of Jupiter also made her spiritual by nature.
  • Mukesh Ambani (Indian Business Tycoon): Jupiter in the 10th house of his horoscope has brought him immense success and fame in business. It has also blessed him with a generous and kind nature, provided him with the needed discipline, making him responsible and mature in attitude.
  • Angelina Jolie (American Actor): Jupiter in the 10th house of her horoscope makes her passionate towards her career, it has also made her involve in humanitarian efforts, which has equally brought her fame and awards. Her Jupiter is placed with Moon and Mars - this brings her success in career, makes her energetic and gives her endurance for work. This also brings her recognition and fame from government authorities.

Other notable people with Jupiter in 10th House

  • Lady Gaga (American Singer & Actor)

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