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Jupiter in Twelfth House

Jupiter in Twelfth House

When you have Jupiter in 12th house, you tend to be quite benevolent and have a positive outlook towards future. You are likely to have interest in psychic phenomena and occult areas of life. Jupiter works as your guardian angel in this house, helping you sidestep troubles and come out of critical situations gracefully. You tend to be a humanitarian and generous soul. You also serve those who cannot serve themselves, thus occupations in jail or hospital suit you well. Success steps in your life quietly, probably in the later years of life.

One third of your life will have miseries and challenges. Depending upon the aspecting planets, you will either rise above the challenges & emerge as a winner or get stuck in the mud of your own issues. Also, you can be quite impractical at times. You need to give enough thought to ideas before implanting them.

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