3rd House in Vedic Astrology

(Moon Sign Based)

The third house is ruled by Mercury. This house determines one’s writing and linguistic skills and learning capability. It also determines one’s short travels, such as within the national borders, one’s destined partner and relationship with one’s siblings.

3rd House in Vedic Astrology


In a Vedic horoscope there are 12 bhavas/houses, and each house is associated with certain events of a human life. Each house speaks only about a set of events, and it only signifies that event of our life through that house of our Vedic horoscope.

Vedic Astrology uses Ascendant & Moon Sign for accurate predictions. If you are not aware of either, you can FIND OUT INSTANTLY through the form below. The details required are essential to determine your Ascendant & Moon Sign.


  • The 3rd house in Astrology represents overall learning, communication, and intellect.
  • The 3rd house is ruled by the planet Mercury, which is known for its communication and intellectual abilities. The position of Mercury in the third house can significantly impact a person's communication skills, mental agility, and ability to learn and absorb knowledge. You may also have a sharp wit and a talent for writing and speaking.
  • The 3rd house is also related to short journeys and travels, such as travel within the local area. Planets placed in the third house can indicate the frequency and nature of short trips the individual is likely to undertake. It can also suggest whether these journeys will be pleasurable or stressful.
  • In Vedic Astrology, the 3rd house is also considered a 'dusthana' or 'malefic' house, which means that the planets placed in the third house can have a challenging influence. For example, malefic planets in the third house can indicate conflict, challenges, obstacles in communication, sibling relationships, or short journeys.

Third house in birth horoscope

  • Communication, transportation, and local community are all governed by the third house. Planets placed in this house are motivated by expression and often help guide you to build close relationships with your peers, including siblings, coworkers, and classmates. Communication is the solution to most problems, and the basis of all successful relationships. When planets transit the Third house, we often receive important information about our immediate network.
  • In Vedic Astrology, the 3rd house is said to signify communication, siblings, originality, cognitive intelligence, one’s area of interest, routines, and preferences. The 3rd house focuses mainly on how your mind works and its cognitive patterns. It also indicates your relationship with your siblings, relatives, and neighbors. It gives a clear insight into how your behavior and thought process. The 3rd house in Astrology also depicts one’s intellect and other cognitive abilities.
  • Professions that relate to communication, like journalism, writing, media, advertising, marketing, event planning, etc. are part of the realm of the 3rd house in Astrology, all of these professions being under the domain of Mercury. The third house in Vedic Astrology manages articulated expression and one’s preferences, thus a favorable placement in this house and of the third house lord can enkindle artists, singers, authors, and so on.
  • It also governs transportation and early education. The Third House rules what you know about your surroundings— this includes information / knowledge gained through travels. Since you learn so much as a child and you practice expressing yourself, this house also rules early education.
  • The third house is a place of brothers and sisters and all relatives and family members that our genetic material isn’t in closest connection to. It represents our mind, our way of thinking, writing, and reasoning, in a way speaking of our human, rational side that makes us smart for practical or less practical in the issues of life.
  • This is a house greatly influenced by the element of the sign it falls into, as it strongly relates to emotions when it begins in a Water sign, proactive fiery thoughts when in Fire, practical side in Earth, and social contacts in Air signs.

3rd House in Time-based Astrology:

  • The third house indicates siblings, short-distance journeys, strength, and change. Mars is the significator of the third house in the birth-chart. General rules of Vedic Astrology apply to this house.
  • In the Prashna Kundali, the third house gives accurate answers to all the questions it serves as the Karya Bhava for. Let us understand it through one example: Suppose you want to know about your relationship with your siblings. The Astrologer will create the Prashna Kundali based on this question. As the relation of prashna is with the siblings, therefore, the third house will serve as the Karya Bhava and its Lord as Karyesha. Here, we will see the relations/associations between Lagnesh and karyesh to know the outcome of the query. However, here Mars is also the Karaka of younger siblings, and it will also have its influence.
  • If the Ascendant/Ascendant lord, third house/third lord and Mars are auspicious and located in a strong position, you will share a good relationship with your siblings. Your relationship will become stronger as the houses and planets in the birth-chart are strong. If these houses and planets are in debilitated and weak position, then they may affect your relationship with your siblings. If your Lagnesh happens to be Mars itself, it is considered benefic.
  • We can obtain the answers to other questions related to this house through the same method. The question must be related to the house and its significance. The third house significations will play here. The significance of the third house is short distance travels, constant change or transfers, art & craft. The same rule will be followed for questions for short-distance journeys or change.
  • If Moon aspects the third house or third Lord, then your journey will be successful. The aspect of the Moon in this concern is very important because it increases the chances of success of your journey.


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Chinese Astrology

Chinese Astrology assigns 12 Animals and one of the five elements whose predictions are defined on yearly basis. The concept is to balance the yin and yang. The Third house in Chinese Astrology ‘Partner’s Palace’ and is centralized on one’s Primary Fate and Destiny which is pre-destined, which means these are the responsibilities which will limit your freedom.

The 3rd house in Chinese Astrology refers to long-term romantic relationships, both regarding marriage and one’s own nature in relationships. Traditionally, the Partner’s Palace was used for marriage ceremony, which was more of a unifying ritual between two families than the romantic event it is in Western culture. Today, readings of the Partner’s Palace may reveal attributes of your destined partner or possibilities of divorce. It is common for the Partner’s Palace to be read in tandem with the Offspring Palace.

Results of the Nine Planetary Placements in 3rd House:

Sun: The Sun in 3rd House represents our ego, creativity, and vitality. Placing in the third house gives the individual confidence in their communication skills and writing abilities. READ MORE

Moon: The Moon in 3rd house denotes an individual’s feelings and intuition. When located in the 3rd house, it enhances the individual's emotional intelligence, making them sensitive to the needs of others. READ MORE

Jupiter: Jupiter in 3rd house is a reflection of wealth and huge growth. Placement in the third house enhances the individual's intellect, making them highly knowledgeable and wise. They tend to have a positive outlook on life and enjoy sharing their knowledge with others. READ MORE

Venus: Venus in the 3rd house represents pleasure, love, and harmony. When placed in the third house, it enhances the individual's charm and social skills. They are likely to have a friendly and attractive personality, making them popular among their peers. READ MORE

Mars: Mars in the 3rd house represents force, energy, and drive. Its placement in the third house amplifies the individual's competitive nature, making them eager to prove themselves. They tend to have a close relationship with their siblings, whom they may occasionally disagree with. READ MORE

Mercury: Mercury in the 3rd house depicts communication, thinking, and learning. Its placement in the third house amplifies the individual's communication skills, making them articulate and excellent writers. READ MORE

Saturn: Saturn in the 3rd house will amplify the individual's seriousness and sense of duty. They tend to have a strong work ethic and a desire to excel in their career. READ MORE

Rahu: Rahu in 3rd house is closely connected with desires, obsession, and illusions. Placement in the third house amplifies the individual's desire for knowledge and communication skills. READ MORE

Ketu: Ketu in 3rd house is also a shadow planet that reflects freedom and fullness. When placed in the third house, it enhances the individual's spiritual and intuitive abilities. READ MORE


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