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Mars in Third House

3rd house gives short trips, intellect, communication, courage, younger siblings, writing and initiatives. While Mars in 3rd house boosts one’s desire to travel, it also increases chances of fatalities and accidents. Such a person will have higher-than-average courage but too much adventure could be dangerous to life. Since Martian energy can make one reckless, these natives tend to take imprudent risks which turn out to be detrimental later.

The native will have cordial relationship with immediate family. People with Mars in third house become a source of inspiration for others. They have a strong influence on their family and are sometimes quite forceful and dominating in nature. Such natives should learn to not take things personally. They are quite alert, active and energetic mentally. But these overflowing thoughts should be channeled into the right direction. Your impulsive thinking can be molded in order to make in rational. Some problems with siblings are likely.

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