Mars in Third House

Mars in third house makes you aggressive, brings you immense energy to multitask & learn many subjects, makes you get into multiple relationships, spend much time & energy on sexual activities. A positive Mars in the third house makes you love travel & adventure. Mars in this position can form Chandra Mangal Yoga which will make you extremely rich.

Mars in Third House


Usual Effects of Mars in 3rd House

Mars in 3rd house makes you aggressive and brings you immense energy to multitask and learn many subjects. It also makes you direct in speech, without a filter in communication.

Due to your argumentative nature and aggressive energy, you get disheartened quickly if things do not work out as per your expectations. This might lead to psychological imbalance. This can also disturb the relationship with siblings and create sibling rivalry or denial of brothers.

The position gives you the courage, drive and capacity to acquire wealth through hard work, but when it comes to communication, you will speak your mind in a shrewd and abrupt manner, which will not be beneficial in any profession or business.

The 3rd house signifies siblings, short travels, writing, and studies; represents your subconscious thinking pattern, mental health, learning capacity, and planning skills. When Mars is posited in this house, it elevates the inner weaknesses and ferocity and creates havoc from inside, which disturbs your mind and well-being. Mars, being a fast-moving planet, will make you take hasty decisions, which will create problems.

This is also the house of sexual urge and Mars in this house may drive you to take steps against social norms. You will get into multiple relationships with the opposite sex and spend much time and energy on sexual activities. As 3rd house from lagna (ascendant) imparts a high degree of courage and determination to your belief system, you will not care about breaking rules and going out of the way to fulfil your desires.

If Mars is afflicted, you can develop suicidal tendencies, bone fracture and blood poisoning. If Mars is associated with Rahu, then you may desert your spouse and deceit your brothers. There is also the danger of accidents from travel. You will face trouble from neighbours.

You will be handsome and robust, fortunate and a good sportsperson if Mars is exalted. If Mars conjuncts with Sun and Moon, you will have knowledge of machinery, will be brave, overpower your enemies, and will be expert in any kind of work. But this will also make you sinful and barefaced.

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Positive Mars

A positive Mars in the 3rd house makes you expand your inner strength by meeting many people and gaining knowledge in your field. You have the capacity to think out of box which will benefit you professionally. You love travelling and adventure.

Negative Mars

A negative Mars in the third house makes you debate in a bold and brash manner, that can get you caught in controversies. You will not hold yourself back from arguing and your attitude is simply driven by the desire to win. Too much adventure and travelling might increase chances of fatalities and accidents. Your dominating nature might bring disharmony in your domestic life.

Some notable sign placements for Mars in 3rd House

  • Aries-Mars: This will make you direct and sharp-minded. You will achieve your goals quickly in a planned manner. You are restless and impulsive if things do not work as per your plans.
  • Cancer-Mars: This makes Mars mellow its aggression, whereby your thinking is affected by emotions. You will start connecting with your siblings and try to overly protect them. Your guardian instinct will be activated in full swing, but it might suffocate the relationship.
  • Scorpio-Mars: This can make you act like a dual personality, both loving and cunning. Your creativity will be at its best. Beware of intense anger and control it to achieve your desires.
  • Capricorn-Mars: It makes you hardworking; but you will also take on the responsibilities of others, which might land you in exhaustion and irritation. Balancing might be difficult for you and Mars, being the planet of impulsiveness, will trigger you by making you impatient.

Retrograde Mars in 3rd House

Retrogression of Mars in the 3rd house makes you vulnerable and daring. You will go against all social norms and laws to fulfil your desires. It can make you spend a lot of your time and energy on sexual activities.

Combust Mars in 3rd House

Combustion of Mars aggravates your inner anger and resentment as you have the energy and will to achieve your desires, but your inappropriate communication and planning creates blockages. This makes you frustrated and irritated.

Common Yoga positions possible with Mars in 3rd House

  • Guru Mangal Yoga: It will help you in fulling your desires by aligning your energies. It will make you prosperous and wealthy.
  • Chandra Mangal Yoga: It will make you extremely rich.

Famous people with Mars in 3rd House

  • Pranab Mukherjee (Indian Politician): Former President of India and one of the leaders of the Congress party, he had Mars, the lord of 10th and 5th houses, in the 3rd house; and from Moon, Mars was posited in the 10th house. This created a strong combination to become a leader of the nation.
  • Dr. S. Radhakrishnan (Indian Statesman): His horoscope had 3rd house Mars forming Ruchak Yoga, which made him proficient in many branches of science and made him a renowned philosopher and statesman, who served as the second President of India.
  • PT Usha (Indian Athlete): Her rising ascendant is Aquarius and Mars is posited in the 3rd house, creating a Guru Mangal Yoga, where both are in 15 degrees; whereas Mercury is little far from Mars. Mars in its own house has made her a saucerful and world-renowned athlete.
  • Ratan Tata (Indian Industrialist): Sagittarius is his rising sign and Mars, being the lord of 5th and 12th houses, is placed in the 3rd house. Rahu is placed in Scorpio and Mars is in Rahu’s nakshatra. This created a subtle exchange of energy which has made him a world-renowned industrialist. Also, Mars aspecting his 9th house has made him a prominent philanthropist.
  • Sridevi (Indian Actor): Her rising lagna (ascendant) was Cancer and Mars, the lord of 10th and 5th houses, was posited in the 3rd house. A successful actor and film producer, she was known for being an introvert and her headstrong personality. She received several prestigious awards during her lifetime, including the Padma Shri. On 24 February 2018, she was undergoing Marak dasha of Saturn; and Saturn was casting its aspect on natal Mars. This created a mystery behind her death.
  • Cameron Diaz (American Actor): Her rising sign is Gemini and she has Mars and Sun in the 3rd house, where Mars is combusted. It was during her Mars dasha that Diaz auditioned for The Mask, the film that catapulted her to stardom. She is also known for her environmental activism and association with the first and largest non-profit organization for veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Other notable people with Mars in 3rd House

  • Prakash Padukone (Indian Badminton Player)
  • Yami Gautam (Indian Actor)
  • Katy Perry (American Singer & Songwriter)
  • Boney Kapoor (Indian Film Producer)


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