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Mars in Twelfth House

Mars in Twelfth House

Life could be a little unfortunate towards people with Mars in 12th house. There would be a lot of strange happenings. You may encounter losses through secret enemies. Moreover, you have intense emotions, which often become the root cause of all your troubles. You have a lot of regrets and bitterness inside, which needs to be controlled. People take advantage of this weakness. You strongly need to control your impulse. If you rely on your emotions than reason, the repercussions are likely to be against your welfare.
A bad Mars could also cause false imprisonment and accusations to the native. You should try to avoid situations where arguments or confrontation is required. The combination of external situations and internal emotions makes the person feel stifled at times. Such natives should learn to use their energy in a constructive way. They should make it a habit to release their pent-up emotions and make it a practice to forgive and forget. The sense of isolation in life makes you a fit for professions where you could work behind the scenes.

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