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Mars in Tenth House

Mars in Tenth House

10th house rules profession, reputation, character, status, karma, next birth, weaknesses, ambition etc. When a person has Mars in 10th house, he or she is likely to be quite ambitious and determined in nature. Such a person is likely to be a powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm. They have good leadership qualities and want to be at the center of all action. The tendency to take initiatives comes natural to these individuals. They work hard to maintain a better image at work and seek recognition in career.

To those having Mars in 10th house, success often comes through own efforts. They tend to bring a lot of variety and innovation to where they work. Their organization and management ability is exceptional. These individuals are self-reliant, logical and result-oriented. However, they tend to be dominating and demanding to subordinates. They also indulge in problems with superiors at times.

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