Mars in Tenth House

Mars in tenth house makes you dynamic & a leader in your profession; you will be innovative at work & your managerial qualities will be exceptionally good. A positive Mars in the tenth house makes you give a lot of importance to your family. Mars in this position can form Ruchak Yoga, which blesses you with wealth, name and fame.

Mars in Tenth House


Usual Effects of Mars in 10th House

Mars in 10th house makes you dynamic and will make you a leader in your profession. It’s a Kendra house wherein Mars accepts all the challenges and makes you a courageous warrior who can break through all the obstacles. Mars being a commando has got all the tools to make you a successful and dynamic leader. This quality will make you more demanding and upright, which will create a terror amongst your subordinates.

Mars in 10th house is one of the most important Kendra houses known for name, fame, recognition, profession, and administration skills. It is also the second most important house after ‘lagna’ (Ascendant) as it shows the quality of karma created by you. It’s the house of promotion, your contribution towards society and success in public life. Mars posited in 10th house will make you explore your strength and leadership quality.

The 4th house represents home and the 10th house stands for the realm outside your house. Mars becomes wild and like a courageous warrior or hunter in the 10th house, ready to face all ups and downs. You will be ready to fight for your right with dynamism and people will rarely approach you as they know you have the calibre to destroy them. No one will have the guts to mess with you. It’s the house of will power and leadership, which will help you face dramatic ups and downs in your life as here Mars’s energy will be tested.

You will be innovative at work and your managerial qualities will be exceptionally good. You believe in yourself and your attitude will be logical and result-oriented. Your dynamic leadership approach tends to be dominating and demanding with regard to your subordinates and can cause ego problems with your senior colleagues. Mars in 10th house will make you ambitious and you will constantly work towards meeting your target, driven towards a luxurious life.

Mars in 10th house is also a powerhouse of energy. You will be good at heart, but your apparent behaviour may not be seen positively by others. You will finish your job very fast and effectively. You will bring a lot of variety and innovation in your work. You have superb managerial skills; you are self-oriented, logical and result-oriented. However, people will think you are demanding and dominating, which can cause friction with your superiors and subordinates.

Your lifestyle will reflect your success and create envy in others. Mars aspecting 4th house and 5th house will bring a lot of happiness if the planet is well placed; but if it not well placed, then it will create struggles. You will be a good sportsperson and get involved in the martial arts, soccer, cricket, basketball, etc. Your children will have immense energy and will engage with sports too. But you will not get support from your children.

You will be in a position to manage and command others, example: bureaucrat, police officer, general in the army, engineer, in the chemical business, and other prestigious professions. If Mars is well placed and supported by other planets, it will increase your strength to become a successful person. Like Saturn, if Sun and Mercury are well associated along with Mars then you are unstoppable towards becoming a leader.

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Positive Mars

A positive Mars in the 10th house has immense fire to make you effect change in the organisation and achieve success in life. You are task-oriented and your nature of work will be different from others. You will give a lot of importance to your family, that’s why you put extra efforts in earning for your family. You want to create a stable environment for your family.

Negative Mars

A negative Mars in the 10th house will cause your irrational behaviour and action-oriented attitude to give rise to many professional rivalries. Your inner fire and aggression to keep up the good work and to give financial security to your family members will lead to many psychological issues like fear, anxiety and loneliness. Your arrogant nature will not allow others to be sympathetic towards you.

Some notable sign placements for Mars in 10th House

  • Aries-Mars: It has immense potential to manifest your gush of energy in different ways. You can be the change and can introduce many new plans and projects for your organisation. But your shrewdness and arrogant behaviour will create many enemies in your path.
  • Cancer-Mars: You face a lot of struggles in life and once you fall, you would not be able to gather courage to withstand it. Mars debilitates in this sign, where your aggression and courage are questioned and tested. You will not stick to one profession and will be a job hopper.
  • Scorpio-Mars: It’s your own sign and the sign of passion and creativity. You will explore many things and do research-oriented work. You will be able to creatively accomplish multiple tasks. You will be in an introspective mode and do your research before commitment.
  • Capricorn-Mars: The most powerful and hardworking sign, you will be recognised for your good work. This position can uplift your career and make you a successful person. At the same time, you will probably balance your personal life and make your family happy and contented.

Retrograde Mars in 10th House

Retrograde Mars in 10th house will make you a hunter without any focus or goal. You will be enthusiastic to burst the inner aggression anywhere and everywhere, which will lead to exhaustion and make you a directionless person. This tendency will make you depressed.

Combust Mars in 10th House

Combustion of Mars in 10th house will make you selfish and cunning, which will cloak your true aggression and calibre. You will opt for short cuts to earn money and can end up being a fraud who can deceive others for profit.

Common Yoga positions possible with Mars in 10th House

  • Ruchak Yoga: It will bless you with wealth, name and fame like the popular Indian actor, Salman Khan.
  • Guru Mangal Yoga: It will make you wealthy and prosperous.

Famous people with Mars in 10th House

  • David Beckham (British Footballer): He is the current president and co-owner of Inter Miami CF and co-owner of Salford City. He played for Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, AC Milan, LA Galaxy, Paris Saint-Germain, and the England National Team for which he held the appearance record for an outfield player until 2016. He is the first British player to win league titles in four countries - England, Spain, USA, and France.
  • Angelina Jolie (American Actor): She is the recipient of numerous awards, including an Academy Award and three Golden Globe Awards. She has been named as Hollywood’s highest-paid actress multiple times. She is also known for her humanitarian efforts, for which she has received several prestigious awards, including the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award.
  • Ranveer Singh (Indian Actor): He is among the highest paid Indian actors and has been featured in Forbes India Celebrity 100 list since 2012. He launched his own production company, Maa Kasam Films, in 2020. He is an extrovert and lively personality and is the recipient of several awards, including four Filmfare Awards. He is happily married to Deepika Padukone, a successful Indian film actor.
  • Neha Kakkar (Indian Playback Singer): She rose to fame once selected for the reality show, Indian Idol. She has a huge following on social media; her YouTube channel has more than 4.2 billion views. She has received many awards, has made several guest and special appearances in films, and has judged many reality shows. She has also launched exclusive masterclasses for aspiring singers. She has received the Instagram Trophy, which makes her the first Indian musician and fifth Indian to reach the milestone.

Other notable people with Mars in 10th House

  • Salman Khan (Indian Actor)
  • Arnab Goswami (Indian Journalist)
  • Arjun Kapoor (Indian Actor)


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