Mars in First House

Mars in first house puts you in the position of a leader, whether you wish for it or not, and creates high energy & a natural aggression in your temperament, whether apparent or latent. A positive Mars in the first house makes you an undisputed leader, driver of situations, an out of the box thinker & an expert strategist. Mars in this position can form Mangal Chandra Yoga, which is great for your finances.

Mars in First House

Usual Effects of Mars in 1st House

Mars in 1st house (Ascendant or Lagna) creates high energy and a natural aggression in your temperament, whether it is apparent or latent. Since the 1st house is your foundation, covers your general wellbeing and how well known and successful you would be in life, Mars in 1st house shapes your personality in a way that your destiny is created by means of dynamism, hard work, aggression and overt actions in life.

A first house Mars puts you in the position of a leader, whether you wish for leadership or not. Being responsible and leading situations is something you will have to deal with most of your life. When Mars is positive, this leadership comes naturally with a zeal to lead and an ability to lead from the front while a neutral or negative Mars suggests that the leadership comes under covert circumstances or when leadership is thrust upon you.

This position of Mars also shows that the family and life circumstances are influenced by very active and aggressive circumstances at the time of your birth. The drive and energy come with your imbibing the influences around you into your own personality.

This position of Mars has an impact on your physical appearance creating a ruddy and flushed face with the tendency of facial eruptions (minor or major depending on the exact strength of your Mars) occasionally. It would make your eyes piercing and distinctive with well-developed eyebrows.

Your nature is aggressive due to the 1st house Mars position and each situation might be handled more impulsively or aggressively than usual. The level of flexibility would therefore be lower and the tendency to rebel opposing ideas could come more often than not to you. This position does make you pro-active, hardworking, action oriented, and competitive.

Physically, Mars in 1st house blesses you with a strong composition, high stamina, excellent endurance, an inclination towards fitness, and a love for the outdoors or nature.

Mars in first house causes some drawbacks also such as over-aggression, inflexibility, over competitiveness, difficulty in adjusting with circumstances and not willing to accept another person’s point of view when the polarity of Mars is negative. With an abundance in energy, the energy if not well utilized, gets drawn into creating issues, hurdles and problems for others.

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Positive Mars

A positive Mars in the first house makes you an undisputed leader, driver of situations, an out of the box thinker and an expert strategist to win, whether in life, battlefield or the boardroom. The Zodiac sign, exact degree, conjunction, and influences other planets have on your Mars determines a positive polarity of Mars.

Negative Mars

A negative Mars in the first house makes you jealous, angry without purpose, rebellious, and creator of problems. It triggers off health, blood & skin issues. Again the Zodiac sign, exact degree, conjunction and influences other planets have on your Mars determines a negative polarity of Mars.

Some Notable sign placements for Mars in 1st House

  • Aries-Mars: This is a very favourable position as it gives you positive and aggressive energy that makes you a doer and achiever in life.
  • Cancer-Mars: With Mars debilitated, this position pulls down positivity and creates depressive thinking and loss of confidence. It still remains good for finances.
  • Scorpio-Mars: This is again a powerful position but makes your agenda and aggression covert rather than overt. This brings progress but your fixed nature does cause issues in image building.
  • Capricorn-Mars: With Mars exalted, this is a powerful position that makes you a leader of men. It does bring chances of injury but promises a high status and success.

Retrograde Mars in 1st House

Retrogression of Mars in the first house will make you erratic and prone to injuries. Your aggression becomes unreliable.

Combust Mars in 1st House

Combustion of Mars makes your aggression behind the scenes and sometimes steals the limelight from you.

Common Yoga positions possible with Mars in 1st House

  • Maha Purusha Yoga: Mars in the 1st house has the ability to cause a Maha Purusha (exceptional human being) Yoga, taking you to great heights.
  • Mangal Chandra Yoga: There could be a good Mangal Chandra Yoga if Moon joins Mars in the 1st house, making it great for finances.
  • Raj Yoga / Dhan Yoga: Mars in the 1st house can cause Raj Yoga, Dhan Yoga, etc. bringing you great fortunes.

Famous people with Mars in 1st House

  • Narendra Modi (Indian Politician): In his birth chart Mars is posited in the 1st house in its own sign (Scorpio) which forms a Ruchak Yoga. Mars is placed along with Moon causing a Dhan Yoga. The placement in Scorpio gave me ill fame for Gujarat riots during the earlier parts of his life and brought him worldwide fame in the latter part of his life.
  • Winston Churchill (English Politician): With Mars in 1st house, he engineered the Allied Forces towards victory during World War II. This Mars also made him an army officer, writer and a powerful politician. The Mercury sign placement brought many controversies and aggressive quotes attributed to him.
  • Rajiv Gandhi (Indian Politician): Mars in his chart was placed in the 1st house in Virgo. He came into sudden prominence when he became the youngest Prime Minister of India and also became a famous personality world-wide with his modern approach to politics and the drive to clean Indian politics. The negative zodiac sign placement and other influences on this Mars caused his assassination.
  • Queen Elizabeth (British Royal Personality): She had an exalted Mars in 1st house, which blessed her with royal status, abundant wealth and popularity in life. In her birth chart, Mars was posited with Jupiter in the 1st house which formed another auspicious yoga - ‘Guru Mangal Yoga’ that bestowed her with resources, courage, abundant energy, high optimism, and deep knowledge of philosophy and spirituality.
  • Michael Phelps (American Swimmer): In his birth chart, Mars is posited in the 1st house in Gemini, which blessed him with success in sports, immense wealth and fame when he came into prominence as one of the most successful swimmers in the world of sports.

Other notable people with Mars in 1st House

  • Akshay Kumar (Indian Actor)
  • Neil Armstrong (American Astronaut & Aeronautical Engineer)
  • Sunil Chhetri (Indian Footballer)


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