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Mars in Eighth House

Mars in Eighth House

8th house is the house of transformations, death like experiences, sudden losses, sudden gains, secrets, mystery, obstacles, health, longevity and so on. Natives having Mars in 8th house have a strong desire to get to the depth of things, expose secrets and play detective. The person is also likely to face financial issues due to partner, who may be overly extravagant leading to troubles. People under the influence of Mars in 8th house like to see how people react to certain situations.

Mars’ position here also increases the possibility of sudden death. Such a fatality could be caused by a serious injury. This position indicates a lot of problems with business partner or life partner on account of mismanagement of money, especially if malefic influence is there.But at the same time, if Mars is strong and unafflicted, the person may also gain financially through marriage or partner.

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