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Mars in Fifth House

Mars gives a lot of passion in 5th house. It increases one’s inclination towards opposite sex. Such a person finds it hard to control their excessive sexual energy. Sometimes, this can lead to illicit behavior, affairs, and children out of wedlock as well. 5th house represents investments too, and when Mars is there, the person either becomes a speculator or a gambler depending upon how strong the planet is. If you don’t be careful, indulging in gambling could cause a lot of problems in life.

Such a person has a strong desire to express their creativity and is usually well-versed in sports. They like to have a good time and are quite cheerful & innovative. However, Mars in 5th house causes problems with children. Such a person is likely to direct a lot of their energy towards dating rituals, love and relationships. If Mars is retrograde, the person faces issues in expressing himself or herself, sexually or creatively.

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