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Mars in Sixth House

Mars in Sixth House

6th house represents work, health, service, disputes, litigation, enemies, losses, debts etc. When Mars is placed in this house, the person is likely to suffer from high fever when ill. Such a person is vulnerable to losses by fire and is prone to burns and wounds. He or she is also likely to meet accidents at workplace on account of their carelessness and impatience. This tendency to expose oneself to danger often should be avoided for personal safety.

While the person is capable of working hard physically and is sound mechanically, he may be too argumentative and indulges in conflicts and discords often. Mars in 6th house makes the person active, competitive, and dynamic in nature. Such a person is industrious and never runs away from working hard. If Mars is retrograde in sixth house, the person should try hard to maintain a cordial relation with seniors and be careful at work. A polite approach should be followed to avoid unwanted troubles.

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