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Saturn in Third House

Saturn in Third House

When Saturn is in 3rd house, the native is usually serious & orderly and faces issues due to communication. There is a considerable level of isolation on their part, and a tint of pessimism and depression at times. Such people struggle to maintain a cordial relationship with relatives and siblings. They are mentally sharp and excel at games involving strategy and analysis. They should try to see the positive side of life than focus on the negative. Their concentration and introspection is great. Such placement of Saturn however restricts travel only to business reasons.

Such a person should be careful while driving. When retrograde, Saturn causes a lot of issue with expression. The native finds it difficult to settle down and find a middle ground. The matter is either black or white, not grey, let alone fifty shades. This is because their conscious mind struggles to be in harmony with the subconscious. Knowledge of the surface reality only, due to not being in touch with the deeper meanings make the person suffers from a nonintegrated personality.

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