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Saturn in Eleventh House

Saturn in Eleventh House

Having Saturn in 11th house means, you will know many people but there will only be a few that you will actually be close to. You would struggle to make true friendships. This could be due to your introvert nature and also due to a difficult experience in childhood. Once you seal your associations with trust, these friendships last forever. You are often attracted to groups and communities that have a serious purpose. You are not someone who would be interested in chitchat and gossip.

When you take part in a group, you feel responsible towards it. However, what you may do in the interest of the social group may not get acclaim from others. Despite being associated with groups, you may feel like you don’t quite fit in. Moreover, it will require a lot of efforts from your end too. If you lead a disciplined life and learn from mistakes, the second half of life would be much rewarding.

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