Saturn in Eleventh House

A positive Saturn in eleventh house makes you work hard and put in self-efforts towards accomplishing your goals. A common planetary combination possible with Saturn in this house is Sasa Yoga, which gives you a luxurious life. Saturn in 11th house in conjunction with friendly planets acts as a boon & blesses you with fortune. 

Saturn in Eleventh House

Usual Effects of Saturn in 11th House

Saturn in 11th house fulfils your hopes and wishes; brings you gains through business, financial institution, speculative business, networking circles, and through all kinds of resources. You don’t like to showcase your wealth in front of others and your social circle will be of matured people. Once you put hard work and self-efforts, Saturn in 11th house makes your hopes and wishes come true. Saturn in this house gives quicker results than in any other house.

This position gives you manipulative skills and you can become a successful politician or businessperson who can win over the globe. You will have a long and healthy life. You will have a very particular and articulate persona, with a diplomatic attitude. You will be nice to your friends, family and loved ones. People will look up to you and you will influence the masses by your work, attitude, lifestyle, and accomplishments. Saturn in 11th house helps you make friends for life who will always stand by you like strong pillars.

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Positive Saturn

This position makes you believe in building an influential and impressive personality. You would be a powerful personality, but also kind and helpful, which people will love and appreciate about you. You will earn substantial amount of wealth and respect in your area of work and society. You are sharp and intelligent to make any project successful. You will have a harmonious relationship with your spouse and family members. You will get help from your siblings and friend circle. You will win over people’s trust by always supporting them. This position of Saturn will give you a luxurious house, convenience and prosperous life.

Negative Saturn

This position will get you the wrong type of friends who will put you in uncomfortable situations. You will earn money through illegal means. It will give you bones and joints related problems. You will have a dominating and egoistic nature, which will create hindrance in your success. You will not appreciate others and because of your rigid nature you will end up in depression. You will face a hard time in achieving your targets and goals. In the workplace, your impolite and angry attitude will be an obstacle in success. This position of Saturn will give rise to a parasympathetic nervous problem.

Some Notable sign placements for Saturn in 11th House

Saturn-Capricorn: It makes you groom yourself into a powerful and dominating personality. You will achieve success through your self-effort and hard work. You are committed in your relationship and always support your spouse. It will be hard for you to balance work and personal life. You respect other’s point of view and take suggestions for your growth.

Saturn-Aquarius: Saturn in its ‘mooltrikona’ sign blesses you with all kinds of happiness that you deserve. It will enhance your creativity and innovative power and will give you the resources to fulfil your hopes and dreams. You will be an easy-go-lucky person who will manifest things with ease.

Saturn-Aries: It will make you utilise your impulsiveness in implementing your creative thoughts and ideas to achieve success. You are witty and sharp in your social circle and people enjoy your company. You are rational and thoughtful, an attitude that can be used as an advantage to get ahead in life.

Saturn-Libra: It makes you dutiful, modest and work towards achieving perfectionism. You will subject yourself to self-criticism if things don’t go as per your expectation. You may constantly hold yourself back in many areas of your life. You restrict your potentiality and push yourself towards judging the situation.

Retrograde Saturn in 11th House

Retrograde Saturn in 11th house will introduce you to wrong companionship. You will be put down and humiliated by your own social circle. You will indulge in illegal matters and might get punishment for your deeds. This position of Saturn will not allow you to fulfil your hopes and dreams without hindrances. Struggles can lead you towards depression.

Combust Saturn in 11th House

Combust Saturn will not allow you to shine in life. It will open up your karmas and you will be pushed towards many hard times in life. You will be betrayed by your friends and family members. You will not be able to lead a prosperous life. There will be disharmony in your personal life.

Famous people with Saturn in 11th House

  • Kim Kardashian: An American socialite, media personality and businesswoman, she has been one of the most influential people in the world and was the highest-paid reality television personality in 2015.
  • Jeff Bezos: An American entrepreneur, investor, computer engineer, and commercial astronaut, he is the founder of Amazon, which is currently the world’s largest online sales company and largest provider of cloud infrastructure services, amongst several other accomplishments.
  • Anil Kapoor: He is an Indian actor and producer who has been in the Hindi film industry for over 40 years. He is known for several iconic, popular and cult films and has received several accolades.

Other notable people with Saturn in 11th House

  • Pamela Anderson (Canadian-American Actor & Model)
  • Elizabeth II (British Monarch)


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