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Saturn in Fifth House

Saturn in Fifth House

When Saturn is placed in 5th house, the person feels a certain lack of love and appreciation in life. Such people often struggle to express themselves, emotionally as well as creatively. Their relationships are often serious and lack romance & spontaneity. They seem to be emotionally unavailable and indifferent. People may think twice before approaching these natives due to the cold attitude, which affects their social connectivity.

Saturn in this position also gives problems in progeny or parenthood. This placement of Saturn also indicates a small family. You may become a strict parent, and your children would lead a disciplined life under your guidance. You would take parenting as a serious responsibility, but since it seems more like a duty than will, you struggle to offer love and affection to your children the way you should. This inability to express your emotions to those who matter should be curbed down in order to enjoy healthy and balanced relationships.

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