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Saturn in Eighth House

Saturn in Eighth House

People with Saturn in 8th house tend to be patient, economical, and hard working. These individuals are self-made disciplined people, who can sacrifice the short-term happiness to meet their end goals. They don’t mind missing their social life to work more to reach a better financial position. Saturn when posited in 8th house also causes delay and obstructions in matters relating to inheritance, debt, and sexual satisfaction.

This position of Saturn also interferes with one’s health. Whatever illnesses you may face before death, Saturn here makes them chronic and prolonged. Some may begin feeling old at quite an early age. Financial support from others would be low, especially from partner, despite them being adept in handling matters involving money. Retrograde Saturn may also cause difficulties in progeny matters, sometimes impotency too. Nevertheless, such a person is talented, work-efficient, and practical in nature thus benefits in the long run despite occasional obstacles.

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