Saturn in Sixth House

A positive Saturn in sixth house makes you determined, disciplined and virtuous, with a disciplined financial status. Vasi Yoga is a common planetary position possible with Saturn in 6th house, which gives you good immunity to lead a healthy life. Saturn in this placement in conjunction with friendly planets forms auspicious combinations that bless you with fortune. 

Saturn in Sixth House

Usual Effects of Saturn in 6th House

Saturn in 6th house involves you in long hours of work, which includes slow and steady work. You will be a hard worker like lawyers who work for long hours, face conflicts and deal with rivals on a regular basis. You will be determined to resolve social conflicts. This position can make you an environmentalist or a healer who heals others by taking the poison out. You might be involved with a healing modality as a physician, psychologist, counsellor, social worker, etc.

Saturn in this house will slow down your success at work. It will interest you in mystical sciences and the unknown subjects of life. You may even settle down in a foreign land. It will make you diligent and conquer your enemies through your determination and hard work. It will also make you influential amongst political leaders and bureaucrats.

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Positive Saturn

A positive Saturn in the 6th house will give you excellent management control. All workers, skilled staff and domestic aid will support you. You might work as a trade union representative or taxation inspector. It will make you a workaholic and focused on work. You will be preoccupied with professional tasks and structures. You will work on your personality to keep it perfect. You know how to delegate work to others and win everyone’s heart by your sweet gestures. People will follow your orders.

Negative Saturn

A negative Saturn in the 6th house will give you chronic diseases like back pain, Alzheimer and a dysfunctional sex life. You might have breathing issues like asthma and a lot of diseases related to the stomach. Saturn in this position slows down the pleasures with your partner, depriving you of a healthy sex life. If involved in litigation work., it will stretch for a long time. Your speech will be harsh and rude, which will disturb your personal relationships. You might not enjoy your work but would continue with it as part of your responsibility. You would always look for appreciation at work but will not receive it, which will lead you to depression and psychological issues. This position makes you a self-conscious person and any imperfection will cause you worry and anxiety.

Some notable sign placements for Saturn in 6th House

Saturn-Capricorn: It might make you take on too many responsibilities, which might feel heavy on your shoulders. It is wise to delegate tasks and surround yourself with helpers to share the load. You have enormous energy and strength to manage resources and creative ideas.

Saturn-Aquarius: It makes you deal with everyone in a practical manner and work towards building a better future for yourself through your sheer will and organizational skills. You will not be emotionally connected with others. You have to work on your interpersonal skills.

Saturn-Aries: It makes you sensible and thoughtful; your personality will assist you in developing the social skills required to deal with any difficult problem or conflict. Your speech will be too direct and straight-forward and this quality will contribute to your growth.

Saturn-Libra: It makes you strong and work hard; tolerant and persistent. It also makes you realize your mistakes and makes you humble and rooted. With no luxury and comfort, you may have to lead a poverty-stricken life.

Retrograde Saturn in 6th house

Retrograde Saturn will make you arrogant, you will have debts and will face financial crunches. Things will slow down in your life and you will face lots of hurdles. You will not have the clarity of thought and discernment. Your children will get affected by this position of Saturn.

Combust Saturn in 6th house

Combust Saturn will give you chronic diseases and you will face lots of ups and downs in life. Your immunity will be affected and you will be prone to diseases. You will have hidden enemies, who will control you. You might face legal issues and lose the case.

Common yoga positions possible with Saturn in 6th House

  • Vasi Yoga: This yoga is formed when the 12th house from the Sun is occupied by any planet other than Moon. This yoga makes you virtuous and intelligent.

Famous people with Saturn in 6th House

  • Isaac Newton: An English mathematician, physicist, astronomer, alchemist, theologian, and author, he is widely recognized as one of the greatest mathematicians and physicists of all time and is also counted amongst the most influential scientists and a key figure from the Enlightenment era. He formulated the laws of motion and gravitation.
  • Lady Gaga: An American Singer, songwriter and actor, she is known for her visual reinventions and versatility as a musician. Lady Gaga is one of the world’s best-selling music artists and her accolades include 13 Grammy Awards, 18 MTV Video Music Awards, 16 Guinness World Records, and awards from the Songwriters Hall of Fame.
  • Jennifer Aniston: An American actor and producer, she has received various awards, including a Primetime Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award and two Screen Actors Guild Awards. She has been amongst the world’s highest paid actresses.
  • N. Chandrababu Naidu: An Indian Politician from the state of Andhra Pradesh, he happens to be the first Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh after it was divided. He has been the longest serving chief minister of the state, considering his tenure both before and after the division of Andhra Pradesh.

Other notable people with Saturn in 6th House

  • Deepika Padukone (Indian Actor)


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