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Saturn in Sixth House

Saturn in Sixth House

Saturn, if placed in 6th house at the time of birth, can cause the native obstacles on the health front. Such a person should pay attention to their regular dietary intake. You may also face difficulties at work on account of your mindset and behavior. Something or the other would keep you troubled at the workplace, it could be overall atmosphere or jealous colleagues. You are likely to be in love with your work but sometimes you expect too much from others.

People may not be as quick to learn new things as you are. They may not work as hard as you may do. While you are a practical and hard working person, these glitches and expectations pose hurdles in your way. Moreover, you are also prone to accidents and health hazards at workplace. You may have to work extra hard to land a suitable job.  You need to stop inviting unnecessary worries or you could face depression.

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