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Saturn in Ninth House

Saturn in Ninth House

Ninth house Saturn makes the native religious, pious and spiritually inclined. These individuals treat life as an over-stretched journey that leads to self-realization. Such people have a conservative outlook towards life and their philosophy of life is quite traditional too. They always stand for their orthodox opinions. And in doing that, they may also criticize others’ views and beliefs. Such a person has deep interest in the occult areas of life.

There is also a strong possibility for the native to go abroad and become successful financially, however obstructions could be there too, all depends upon the aspect and influence of other planets upon Saturn. There could be frustration and delay in long distance journeys and stays abroad.  Too much involvement in travel could pose health hazards to natives having Saturn in 9th house. Your concentration level is good but do not overuse your energy in one thing. While the native is philosophical and introspective in nature, he or she can be self-suspicious at times.

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