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Saturn in Ninth House

A positive Saturn in ninth house gives you high philosophical & religious thinking. Sasa Yoga is a common planetary combination possible with Saturn in this house, which blesses you with a luxurious & kingsize life. Saturn in 9th house in conjunction with friendly planets forms auspicious combinations that act as a boon & bless you with fortune. 

Usual Effects of Saturn in 9th House

Saturn in 9th house gives you a higher belief system, may it be philosophical or religious. If well placed, it will make you determined about your professional and personal growth. You will be focused on inculcating higher beliefs, higher education and higher learning. You will be traditional in thinking and be religious. It will make you achieve your goals slowly and steadily, with immense determination and hard work.

This is a perfect position of Saturn to attain a PhD, to become a lawyer or a doctor as it will give you the ability to study for long hours and attain lots of information about the subject. It will make you respect and follow the law. It can also make you a university professor or a religious guru. You will travel a long distance to finish your higher studies.

Saturn in 8th house will give you opportunities and determination to create lots of wealth and fortune in your life. Your communication in your social circle will be full of philosophical and religious advice. You will have a successful career and focus on a fixed income, rather than being self-employed. You will help the underprivileged and nourish other people. You would want to work with the masses. However, this position of Saturn will also give you a distant relationship with your father.

Positive Saturn

This position will make you progress in your relationship with immense patience and calmness. You will be loyal and caring towards your soulmate. You don’t need to put much effort in handling your relationship. You will have a good and successful life. You will be determined and focused in your profession and will accumulate wealth. You will be intellectually sound and will have high knowledge in religious and philosophical studies.

Negative Saturn

This position will make you ignorant towards life and you will not like changes. You will not be adaptable and will not go against your belief system and habit. Relationship with your siblings might be restricted because of your belief system. You will have a hard time opening up with people and would be tagged as an introvert. You will not be involved emotionally in any relationship. Your relationship with your father will be debatable and you both will have differences. You will be illogical and foulmouthed. You will suffer from emotional imbalance.

Some notable sign placements for Saturn in 9th House

Saturn-Capricorn: It makes you extremely intelligent and hardworking, you will always plan your future and achieve the targets by proper scheduling. You will be anxious about your future until you achieve the goals. You will be afraid about failures and would spend a lot of time towards achieving your target.

Saturn-Aquarius: This placement is a playground of visionaries, inventors and creators. You will focus on high creativity and imagination. You would always expand yourself by implementing and exploring new ideas. You will earn profits and accumulate wealth.

Saturn-Aries: It will make your impulsiveness take a backseat and keep up your work through patience and calmness. You will resolve your problems with courage and determination. You will take decisions after analysing and evaluating a situation. Your self-inflated ego might create obstructions in your growth.

Saturn-Libra: It will make you strong with the will to work hard to come out of any challenging phase. You will be tolerant and persistent in your work. You will always maintain balance in professional and personal life. You will follow rules and regulations and will also influence others.

Retrograde Saturn in 9th House

This position will not allow you to finish higher education on time and you will face a lot of obstructions in the learning process. You will not have a harmonious relationship with your father and will always have a difference of opinion, which might cause disharmony in the relationship. You will have to work harder to achieve your goals.

Combust Saturn in 9th house

This position will deprive you of your father’s bond and other relationships. You will not follow any rule and regulation and would always go against the law. This attitude can lead you towards legal punishment. Your relationships will not be harmonious and you would maintain illegal relationships.

Common yoga positions possible with Saturn in 9th House

  • Sasa Yoga: It is formed when Saturn occupies Kendra and is in its own or exalted sign. You will command others, be the head of an organisation and rule like a king.

Famous people with Saturn in 9th House

  • Kylie Jenner: An American media personality, socialite, model, and businesswoman, she is the founder and owner of the cosmetic company Kylie Cosmetics. She has been the most-followed woman on Instagram and the world’s youngest self-made billionaire at age 21.
  • Heath Ledger: He was an Australian actor and music video director who moved to the United States in 1998 to develop his films. He won several awards for his performance. He passed away at the peak of his career due to an accidental overdose of a mixture of prescription drugs.
  • Julia Roberts: One of Hollywood’s most bankable stars, this American actor is known for her leading roles in films of several genres. She has received various accolades, including an Academy Award, and was the highest paid actress for the majority of the 1990s, as well as the first half of the 2000s.

Other notable people with Saturn in 9th House

  • Rihanna (Barbadian Singer, Actor & Businesswoman)
  • Mary Kom (Indian Boxer)

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