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Saturn in Tenth House

Saturn in Tenth House

When Saturn is posited in 10th house, which relates to profession and ambition, the native is usually adept in organization and management. These natives tend to have good business acumen. They get a taste of success, but a lot of hard work and efforts goes into realizing their dreams. Perseverance can bring about gains to them, no short cuts or recklessness. If these natives do not acknowledge their duties, life may turn into a sequence of challenges, one after another.

Saturn in 10th house also gives the native excessive ambition, which can counteract. If it overpowers, the person will meet their doom. In your attempt to get power, you may end up breaking a few hearts. There would be times when you would have to get back to same people for help. This position of Saturn also indicates problems due to an overly strict or domineering parent.

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