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Saturn in Seventh House

Saturn in Seventh House

Having Saturn in 7th house means you may fall for a partner who is older than you in age. However, your relationship is based on loyalty, trust, and dependability. But there could also be a feeling of limitation in your relationship like it is not as fulfilling as it should be yet your partnership would be permanent or long-term in nature. Despite being unhappy in an association, you may find it difficult to part ways.
There are chances that you may get married in need of emotional security than love. You are calculative in love, need a partner who stimulates you to work hard, gives you a purpose to live on and taste success. Your partner would have a strong urge to put your life in order. The fear of dependability that comes with marriage may delay it. A positive Saturn leads to a marriage where both partners remain loyal and stay true to the vows they take.

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