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Ketu in Third House

Ketu in Third House

If Ketu in positioned in 3rd house at the time of birth and is favorable, the person becomes active and valorous. Ketu here makes the native a courageous person. The physical constitution of such natives is likely to be strong and sturdy. It also gives a spiritual bent of mind. The person takes part in religious and virtuous activities and can also attain name and fame in these areas. Moreover, there is also a possibility of sudden money with this position.

When Ketu in afflicted in third house, it entangles your bond with siblings. It is not favorable for their health and longevity either. Younger siblings may face a lot of troubles in life. Ketu in 3rd house also makes your relationship with colleagues and associates inimical so care should be taken to keep your attitude with people in check. There is also a tendency to indulge in short travels frequently.

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