Ketu in Eleventh House

Ketu in the eleventh house gives you immense wealth & property that would be accumulated over your lifetime; gives good growth to your career. However, success will come only through your hard work & struggles in life. A positive Ketu in 11th house brings you lots of wealth and luxuries.

Ketu in Eleventh House

Usual effects of Ketu in 11th House

Ketu in 11th house gives you immense wealth and property that would be accumulated over your lifetime. There will be good income throughout from various sources and you would possess all the materialistic comforts in life.

In 11th house, Ketu will give good growth to your career, your hard work and efforts will be paid off. However, success will come only if you work hard and struggle in life. You may perform well in the field of politics and gain prominence among people, which may take you high on the ladder of success.

The 11th house is regarded as the house of achieving your wants and desires. Your connections and dealings with your friends, the depth of your friendships - all this are seen from this house. The position that you have in the social circles and the way people around you treat you is covered by this house. The gains or losses that you may get due to your forays in speculative markets are reflected by this house. Your deeds and their influence on your life is also seen from this house.

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Here, Ketu may give you some sleepless nights in terms of your love life; there will be issues that may cause a rift between you and your partner, your love life may not be smooth and there will be many troubles time and again. Your married life may also face some issues and things will not be calm and peaceful as one would desire.

Your connections and relations with your friends may not remain very cordial, there may be some issues that would always create stress and this will be felt throughout your life. Some friends may stay connected with you though, largely, there will be problems.

Positive Ketu

A positive Ketu in 11th house brings you lots of wealth and luxuries. Your contacts with highly placed people in politics or administration may turn out to be beneficial. You may rise high in your career and become a famous personality or a celebrity.

Negative Ketu

A negative Ketu in 11th house makes you prone to some troubles due to your professional life - your competitors or enemies may try to harm you. You may earn a bad name in the social circles due to some illegal activities that you may get connected with. You may face some troubles due to your friends.

Some notable sign placements for Ketu in 11th House

  • Ketu-Taurus: Ketu is debilitated in Taurus. It makes you an independent person but attached to your roots; gives you a feeling of detachment and, at the same time, you do not want to disconnect. Here, Ketu gives you a compassionate nature. You want to speak a lot at times, and there are times when you like to be isolated and quiet. It makes you face difficulties in acquiring comforts in life and strained relationship with your partner and family. It makes you adamant. If debilitated Ketu is posited in the 11th house, it makes you interested in hidden or secretive things and gives you an inclination towards occult science.
  • Ketu-Scorpio: Ketu in Scorpio is in exalted position and it makes you a researcher. You like to do things by yourself and not depend on anyone. It can also make you a little mysterious, difficult to understand. You will be bold enough to take decisions out of the box. With strong determination and hard work, you will do extremely well in life and achieve success. You have an inclination towards occult and mystical sciences. If exalted Ketu is posited in the 11th house, it will make you learned and knowledgeable and enhance your wealth.
    Common yoga positions possible with Ketu in 11th House
  • Padam Kalsarpa Yoga: This yoga is formed with Ketu in the 11th house, Rahu is in the 5th house and all planets are gripped between the Rahu-Ketu axis. This may bring some issues in terms of your relations with your partner. You may also need to focus more on your studies. Health of your spouse may need your care.

Famous people with Ketu in 11th House

  • Sheila Dixit: An Indian politician, she has been the longest serving Chief Minister of Delhi. She was a very respected figure in politics, especially in the Indian capital of New Delhi where she served three consecutive terms as the chief minister. Her 11th house Ketu in Taurus brought her this immense success and fame, along with great bonding with people.
  • Devendra Fadnavis: An Indian politician, he has been the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. In fact, he became the first chief minister of the state from Bharatiya Janata Party and the second youngest ever. His 11th house Ketu placed with Venus has blessed him with expected results in life.
  • Hassan Rouhani: A famous Iranian politician and cleric, he was the President of Iran from 2013 to 2021. A very powerful leader in Iran, his 11th house Ketu with Sun and Mercury brings him the zeal to work for people and has also blessed him with a successful life.
  • Robin Williams: An American actor famous for his comic roles in movies, his 11th house Ketu placed with Venus made him creative and brought him great success. He initially started with stand-up comedy and later was cast in movies that made him a household name.

Other notable people with Ketu in the 11th House

  • Om Prakash Chautala (Indian Politician)
  • Pragya Singh Thakur (Indian Politician)
  • Jessica Gomes (Australian Model)
  • George Hamilton (American Actor)


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