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Ketu in Seventh House

Ketu in Seventh House

Should Ketu be found in the seventh house of a horoscope, the native is likely to get a partner of questionable character. Your partner may be of a secretive and irritable nature. Your marital life may suffer a lot of hardships, especially due to health issues to partner. Moreover, the native himself may suffer on the health front. Problems of reproductive organs could strike to natives having Ketu in 7th house, affecting your sexual life as well as progeny possibilities.

Ketu’s position in the house of partnerships also suggests that there could be frequent discords, misunderstandings and arguments between partners. These recurrent marital issues could lead to separation as well since Ketu causes detachment from where it sits. There is also a chance that the native may have more than one marriage. Moreover, this placement of Ketu is equally unfavorable for business partnerships too. There could be conflicts among business partners or the partnership may not beget gains.

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