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Ketu in Tenth House

Ketu in Tenth House

When Ketu is positive in the horoscope in the tenth house, it leads to success in career. It can make the person attain power, status and wealth in life. He or she is a strong individual with high intelligence and is skilled at many crafts. Such a person will have self-acquired knowledge and earn a lot of fame throughout their life. They have a strong influence upon others and even get praised from enemies. Their temperament however is negative.

When afflicted, Ketu in 10th house makes the person foolish. Such a person indulges in wasteful efforts and ordinary work. He or she may be too proud in nature. Their life lacks mental peace and paternal happiness. They may lead an unfortunate life and face lots of hardships. Chances of accident from vehicle also exist. Moreover, they may also face obstacles at the work front.

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