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Ketu in Twelfth House

Ketu in Twelfth House

Ketu is the natural significator of the 12th house so this position of Ketu is usually considered positive in a horoscope. When Ketu is favorable here, the person tends to have a spiritual bent of mind. Their actions are driven towards enlightenment, as that is their ultimate aim in life. This position of Ketu gives an introvert nature too. The person is usually inclined towards seclusion.

These people spend without letting anybody know or they spend on things that they are best kept secret. This position of Ketu also leads to sleep loss. Moreover, the native may have trouble in bed comforts. Some may also suffer from eye problems.  This also suggests a chance to go abroad. Such a person gains victory over enemies and opposition. However, if Ketu is afflicted, the person may suffer from health issues and hospitalization. Afflicted Ketu in 12th house also causes rise in expenses.

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