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Ketu in Fourth House

Ketu in Fourth House

When Ketu is posited in the 4th house of a horoscope and if it is afflicted, the native is likely to move away from his birth place to a foreign land. There could be a lot of long distance journeys to abroad and far off places. Ketu causes detachment from the area represented by the house that it occupies. This position of Ketu also endangers one’s property and possessions. It makes the person aggressive in nature.

There could be some issues with or through your mother. Health and longevity of mother may also be under the effect of this malefic planet. Lack of domestic happiness and mental peace persists throughout the life for the native. The person faces a lot of issues on the family front. Ketu in 4th house also indicates towards a distorted mindset of the native. Such a person may suffer from polluted thoughts. Father may also suffer financially.

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