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Ketu in Second House

Ketu in Second House

When Ketu is posited positively in the second house of your horoscope, you are likely to be a learned and knowledgeable person. You are someone who talks wise words. You are likely to be quite expressive, and well versed in foreign languages. Position of Ketu in 2nd house also gives a serious perspective towards life. Such a person is also likely to be fond of indulgence.
When Ketu is afflicted in this position, it can lead to speech disorders like stammering and problem in learning too. Such a person has to rely upon others to feed himself. Ketu here also increases expenses and causes eye related problems. Their manner lacks politeness and courtesy. Ketu represents detachments and in second house, it detaches the person from his immediate family. Such a person may struggle to maintain good relationship with family members. Chances of loss of wealth due to government are also possible.

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