Ketu in Sixth House

Ketu in the sixth house blesses you with good conversation skills, you will be able to motivate people to agree with your viewpoint with ease. A positive Ketu in the 6th house may give you a spiritual bent of mind, make you accomplish your goals and targets in life.

Ketu in Sixth House

Usual effects of Ketu in 6th House

Ketu in the 6th house may bless you with good conversation skills, which may bring positive convincing power to you. You may be able to motivate people to agree with your viewpoint with ease. Your speaking skills will put people on your side and create favourable situations for you.

Your enemies may not be in a position to harm you with the blessing of Ketu here. Though they may remain active and keep troubling you with their activities every now and then, but your approach would be to stay calm and patient as Ketu would deal with them.

The 6th house signifies the diseases that you may face in life and how you would tackle these. Your debts in life and the means you handle them is seen from this house. It gives an account of your income from all sources. It also governs the court cases that you may be involved in and the outcomes or how you handle them. Your enemies and adversities that they may bring you is controlled by this house.

Ketu in the 6th house may inflict you with diseases that may pose challenges and agony for you, you may get involved in long treatments that would bring dismay and a state of depression for you.

Mentally and physically, you may be strong to handle all sorts of situations and come out as the winner, may it be handling your enemies or any adverse situations or stress due to various professional and personal reasons.

Ketu in this house can also incline you towards spirituality and related activities, you may interact with people on these subjects and feel contentment. You may use your wisdom to help others who may seek your advice.

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Positive Ketu

A positive Ketu in the 6th house may give you a spiritual bent of mind and you may spread your spiritual wisdom through your great conversation skills. You will be able to accomplish your goals and targets in life under the influence of Ketu here. You will be wise and intelligent to handle situations with good convincing and negotiating powers.

Negative Ketu

A negative Ketu in the 6th house may make you prone to injuries and accidents, which may occur to you even during your routine activities. Largely, it will make you face challenges in activities and tasks that you may undertake. Your aggression and anger may be an area of concern and may put you in awkward situations in life. You may get involved in some untoward activities that may bring you a bad name.


Some notable sign placements for Ketu in 6th house

  • Ketu-Taurus: Ketu is debilitated in Taurus. It makes you an independent person but attached to your roots; gives you a feeling of detachment and, at the same time, you do not want to disconnect. Here, Ketu gives you a compassionate nature. You want to speak a lot at times, and there are times when you like to be isolated and quiet. It makes you face difficulties in acquiring comforts in life and strained relationship with your partner and family. It makes you adamant. If debilitated Ketu is posited in the 6th house, it gives you an interest in occult sciences, makes you a good speaker. You will be charitable and want to help others.
  • Ketu-Scorpio: Ketu in Scorpio is in exalted position and it makes you a researcher. You like to do things by yourself and not depend on anyone. It can also make you a little mysterious, difficult to understand. You will be bold enough to take decisions out of the box. With strong determination and hard work, you will do extremely well in life and achieve success. You have an inclination towards occult and mystical sciences. If exalted Ketu is posited in the 6th house, it will give you a robust body and keep you in the pink of health.


Common yoga positions possible with Ketu in 6th House

  • Sheshnag Kalsarpa Yoga: This yoga is formed when Rahu is in the12th house, Ketu is in the 6th house and all planets are gripped between the Rahu-Ketu axis. It may bring some challenges for you wherein you may get involved in some conflicts with your enemies. You may also face some litigation which will keep you bothered.


Famous people with Ketu in 6th House

Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray: He has been the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, India and is a very prominent personality in Indian politics. His 6th house Ketu is in Aquarius, which makes him a learned person and inclines him towards social service.

Tirath Singh Rawat: A prominent politician in India, he has been the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand. With his exalted Ketu in Scorpio in the 6th house, he has been able to achieve fame and success in his political career.

Sir Isaac Newton: An English physicist, mathematician and astronomer, he is famous for his formulation of the laws of motion and universal gravitation. His Ketu with Saturn in the 6th house in Pisces gave him the spirit to get past all obstacles and adversities in life and come out successful as a physicist.

Marilyn Monroe: A famous American actor, model and singer, she became famous for her comic roles in movies which made her one of the highest paid actresses in her time. Her Ketu in 6th house in Sagittarius blessed her with the desire to reach great heights.

Other notable people with Ketu in the 6th House

  • Tamanna Bhatia (Indian Actor)
  • Mukesh Ambani (Indian Entrepreneur & Industrialist)
  • Nelson Mandela (1st South African President & Anti-Apartheid Activist)
  • Harrison Ford (American Actor)


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