4th House in Vedic Astrology

(Moon Sign Based)

The 4th house indicates your mother, kind of relationship with your mother, assets from mother’s side, parenting skills, emotional quotient & intelligence, father-in-law, home, happiness, education, peace of mind, place of origin, & spouse’s profession. It is called the ‘Bandhu bhava’, ‘Vidhya bhava’ as well as ‘Sukha bhava’. 

4th House in Vedic Astrology


In a Vedic horoscope there are 12 bhavas/houses, and each house is associated with certain events of a human life. Each house speaks only about a set of events, and it only signifies that event of our life through that house of our Vedic horoscope.

Vedic Astrology uses Ascendant & Moon Sign for accurate predictions. If you are not aware of either, you can FIND OUT INSTANTLY through the form below. The details required are essential to determine your Ascendant & Moon Sign.


  • The 4th house signifies many things in life including mother, property, land, house, real estate, vehicles, cattle, education, and all kinds of materialistic possessions. The 4th house indicates your relationships with your mother, your value system as derived from your family members and your association with your native place.

The 4th house is known by the name “bandhu bhava” and shows your affinity towards your bandhu or friends and family members. The other name is “Vidya bhava” because it also represents the education you will have in life. The 4th house is also called the “Sukha bhava” and primarily shows your happiness and domestic peace in life.

Fourth House in Birth Horoscope

  • In kalpurush kundli or the natural horoscope, the fourth house falls in the Cancer Zodiac sign ruled by the Moon. Now, Moon is a karaka of mother, and a mother is known for her affection and care towards her kids.
  • Taking hints from this, no planet is considered bad in the fourth house. The 4th house shows the dominance of water element and mostly deals with the emotional and sentimental side of a person.
  • If the 4th house and its Lord are not well-placed, then you may lack happiness and peace in life. It will also have a negative impact on your education, happiness from mother, land, and vehicles. The 4th house is also the house of wealth of your siblings, profession, or career of your spouse and the fortune of your in-laws, etc. Any affliction to the 4th house may spoil these specifications as well.
  • The Fourth House symbolizes home and family. This house often encourages us to invest in our infrastructure by creating more private, nurturing spaces that make you feel safe, loved, and cared for. The fourth house also rules your relationships with people (pets) who are family, either blood or chosen.
  • The body parts under the domain of the 4th house are the chest and lungs. Therefore, the 4th house shows your peace of mind, domestic life, house, landed and ancestral property, vehicles, material abundance, ancestry, culture, family history, general happiness, education, and chest and lungs.

4th House in Time-based Astrology:

  • Like Janam Kundali, Fourth House of the Prashna Kundli deals with mother, vehicles, landed property, happiness from the house etc.
  • The Fourth House of the Prashna Kundli along with its Lord becomes important and subject of consideration. It should also be noted that this is the Kendra of the Kundali, so needs more attention. Its relationship with Lagna and Lagnesh should also play an important role when querent asks Prashna related with this house.
  • According to Prashna Marga, a notable classic of Prashna Shastra, in the Prashna of the leasing of land, the ascendant of the Prashna Kundli will signify the querent, the seventh house will indicate the lessee, the tenth house will indicate the production while the Fourth will rule the final profit, etc.
  • This shows that all the Kendras will play an important role in this type of Prashna. Benefits accrue if all the Kendra and their lords relate to benefices. Their affliction will indicate contrary results.
  • If malefics are in the Fourth House, all results - Prashna related - with Fourth House will be unfavorable.

Effects of benefics: Occupation of Fourth House by a benefic planet will indicate good health of mother, gain of vehicles, lands, cattle, beds, and general prosperity as well as health of the querent. If the Lagnesh has Mutthashila with the Moon in the Fourth house or Lagnesh is in Lagna then the querent will come into possession of lands.

Effects of malefics: Position of a malefic in the Fourth house indicates distress to mother and maternal relations, loss of cattle, beds, cots, landed property and vehicles, heart trouble, general misery and discomfort due to impure water.

  • In the Prashna of the leasing of land, if there are malefics in the seventh house, then the lessee will suffer. According to Prashna Marga, if the Prashna is related to crops and there are malefices in Tenth house, then the querent will derive no benefit even if the crop yield is satisfactory.


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Chinese Astrology

Chinese Astrology assigns 12 Animals and one of the five elements whose predictions are defined on yearly basis. The concept is to balance the yin and yang.

The Fourth House in Chinese Astrology is “Offspring Palace” and here lies Fate’s relationship with childbirth and legacy. If you are predestined to raise a child, you must sacrifice your freedom to complete your obligations towards the child. The Offspring Palace suggests one’s predilection towards parenting and how to be a parent.

In the cases where an individual does not and will not have children, this House can be about legacy: a project can be nurtured in the same way as a child, fulfilling this Fate. It is important to remember that this is an individual’s fate as a parental figure, and not the child’s fate.

Results of the Nine Planetary Placements in 4th House:

Sun: Placement of the Sun in 4th House represents that you would accumulate fixed assets and other valuable structures of the world which ties your identity with family, wealth and other valuables which can also make you greedy. READ MORE

Moon: Placement of the Moon in 4th house makes you sensitive, intuitive, and family-oriented, you’re a natural caretaker. With the Moon in this position, you’re here to nurture the ones you love, and at times, even the ones you barely know at all. READ MORE

Jupiter: The placement of Jupiter in 4th house indicates that you are here to master the wisdom of the heart and to elevate your empathy. While you’re happy to dispense advice to your inner circle, caretaking will drain you. READ MORE

Venus: Venus in the 4th house indicates one who weds early. But finding true love also requires you to risk heartbreak/s. It may be hard to believe this, but playing it safe can even prevent you from finding your soulmate. This is the placement where you have to kiss some frogs before one of them happens to be your prince/princess charming, and someone entirely unexpected. READ MORE

Mars: Mars in 4th house co-relates with warrior Mars in this family-focused place, you are fiercely protective of your loved ones. No one crosses your clan without feeling some serious retribution. READ MORE

Mercury: The placement of Mercury in 4th house indicates your nurturing nature, you prefer to form a few lifelong bonds, over a million social-media “friendships.” Because you’re so sensitive, it’s easy for you to take things personally. READ MORE

Saturn: The placement of Saturn in 4th house will heighten your nesting instincts, you need every space to feel like a home. If you weren’t born with the decorating gene, you can (and should) develop it. READ MORE

Rahu: Rahu in 4th house symbolizes some negative impacts which include emotional and mental stress with deceitful thoughts, highly ambitious and low satisfaction. The body parts associated with this house are chest and breast. READ MORE

Ketu: Ketu in the fourth house indicates that the person will not be able to enjoy motherly affection. They are more prone to accidents, would travel to different places for personal and professional purposes. READ MORE


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