Unknown Birth time Astrology - Prasana Marg

Unknown Birth time Astrology - Prasana Marg


What is Prasana Astrology?

Vedic Astrology is a highly profound system of predicting future. Its foundation is so strong that it works even when the birth time is unknown. This branch of Vedic Astrology is called Horary Astrology, where the timing and location of genesis of a question are used in predicting the answer. This makes it possible to predict for those patrons who do not know their exact time of birth.

How Prasana Marg works?

Queries are answered for time at which the question came to your mind and the current planetary positions at that point in time. For instance, you may want to know will you travel abroad or will your current relationship be for the long term. Such questions can be answered by casting a Prasana Chart. The only caveat is your earnestness and sincerity in asking these questions and recording the time when the ‘prasana’ or the question first came to your mind. This service is faster and can help you find a way out of your impasse.

Prasana Marg is particularly effective in seeking Astrological Solutions when the time of birth and place of birth of the native are unknown. Prasana Marg works on the principle -

  • One question should be put up at a time
  • The time of formation of question in your mind or any event that led to triggering the question in your mind needs to be recorded and communicated to the astrologer
  • The time, place & date when you thought of asking the question are also required for calculations.
  • The earnestness & seriousness of the native in asking question will help a lot in getting an answer which by all means will be accurate.

Helpful Tips:

  • Some questions are more precisely answered by Prasana Chart. This service is helpful if you do not know your birthtime precisely.

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