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Mercury in Fourth House

Mercury in Fourth House

What happens at your home affects your mind and thought process to a great extent since 4th house relates to domestic comfort. If there were harmony and coordination at your home, your mindset would be positive and productive. Otherwise, your outlook becomes pessimistic. Either such a person is likely to be born in an intellectually superior family, probably of literary background or the family affects native’s mental outlook in some way. Spending time with family gives you intellectual stimulation. You tend to be quite a studious person and the best place for you to study is home itself.
You always seem to be on a high-strung mode. You should take out some time out of your study routine to relax and enjoy life. You may change your residence frequently due to a sense of restlessness in life. Your mental peace and framework is directly related to your family life. Mercury in 4th house also suggests that there might be a little library or study room whatever place you like to call home.

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