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Mercury in Fifth House

Mercury in Fifth House

5th house relates to children, love, romance, inclinations, intelligence, higher education, speculation etc. When Mercury in placed in 5th house in a horoscope, the native is usually optimistic, intelligent, creative and innovative. This position allows the person to use their intellectual capabilities to fulfill their goals in artistic pursuits and education. Such a person is naturally good at understanding children, their behavior and interests. This position is also suitable for teachers since the native is good at passing on knowledge to others.

When it comes to your interests, you are fond of mental games, anything that challenges your analytical mind. You often express your thoughts verbally in a tactful and dramatic way. When it comes to love, you may have many associations and you are likely to fall for someone who offers intellectual stimulation. Mercury in 5th house makes you inclined towards brain over beauty, thus you are unlikely to fall for lamebrains.

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