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Mercury in Ninth House

Mercury in Ninth House

9th house represents foreign travel, father, distance, fortune, spiritual pursuits, education etc. With Mercury in this house, there is a sharp increase in one’s spiritual inclination. The person can in fact become a spiritual speaker due to influence of Mercury in 9th house, which gives communication. Native however may have a tendency to over think about matters of little concern. Such a person is likely to have higher knowledge thus can be a good resource and source of inspiration for others.

However, if affliction is there, the person may use their intellect in lower pursuits. There is a considerable chance that the native may go abroad for higher education. Such a person should pursue language studies, as they are likely to be skilled at many. These natives have a strong inclination towards matters such as religion, philosophy, meditation, foreign affairs, litigation and travel. You fit well for roles such as translator, teacher, spiritual leader, advertiser etc.

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