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Mercury in Ascendent, Mercury in First House

Mercury in Ascendent, Mercury in First House

When Mercury in placed in 1st house at the time of birth, it makes the native intellectually powerful. These natives get ideas and solutions to problems quickly than you know it, and they find it easy to express their thoughts too. However, these natives should be very careful in channelizing their thoughts. Their ideas should have a direction to focus; otherwise, they could be restless and unpredictable. You will find this position in the horoscope of speakers, writers, teachers, mediators, and journalists.

These people have a strong desire to gather information. There is a curiosity to dig deep into matters and have basic knowledge about everything they come across. You love to talk about your desires and fulfillment in life and you often use your intellect to get a better lifestyle and status. Mercury in 1st house gives you a balanced disposition. You tend to be witty, persuasive, accommodating but impatient at times.

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