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Mercury in Twelfth House

This position of Mercury makes the person a visionary. The native is likely to be adept in higher learning and has a unique ability to grasp subjects concerning occult, astrology, religion and spirituality. They have an unusual design of mind, which allows them to dig deep into the mysterious realms of life. It boosts one’s power of imagination and revelation. You are quite intuitive indeed, and your knowledge and interest in the metaphysical world can be healing to the humanity if training is there. But if misdirected, it can also cause havoc.

You are receptive of your environment, are adept at understanding the meaning of vague gestures and incomprehensible tone. Your hearing may suffer so you need to be careful in this regard. You enemies may try to de-motivate you by talking ill about you. Mercury in 12th house suggests that you need to rise above the petty things and be self-confident. Sometimes, you understand more than you should or wish to which also causes mental unrest.

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