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Mercury in Sixth House

Mercury in Sixth House

Mercury in this house gives a mental restlessness. The person is prone to health issues on account of anxiety and stress. Efforts should be made to maintain peace of mind in life. Such a person should be very cautious in their studies and work. They have a tendency to work extra hard, but overworking your brain could lead to nervous disorders. Moreover, there should be diversity in what you do, as a monotonous routine is also detrimental to your psychological health.

There is a considerable chance that you like working with computers and electronics. You have strong analytical ability and power to discriminate. But you should be careful to not attach yourself too much to the little details. Your restlessness can also be observed in frequent job changes. You like to serve people, especially in the mental domain. Mercury in 6th house gives you a penchant to talk about health, economic conditions, and diet.

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