Mercury in Sixth House

Mercury in sixth house gives you the intelligence to solve conflicts & fights, whether it’s your personal life or that of others. A positive Mercury in 6th house will make you lead a happy marital life and your children will be bright & intelligent. This position can form Harsha Yoga, which provides you good health, wealth and a happy family life.

Mercury in Sixth House

Usual Effects of Mercury in 6th House

When Mercury is placed in the 6th house, the intelligence of a person goes into solving conflicts and fights, whether it’s your personal life or lives of other people. You can be a lawyer who resolves conflicts, makes agreements and disagreements. It can also make you utilize your intelligence in serving the less privileged, those in poverty, abused women and children. Your mind operates to resolving things in an analytical matter.

This is because the 6th house represents diseases, debts, divorce, your hidden enemies, obstacles, disagreement, and also miscommunication with other people and others who are preventing you from achieving goals. Mercury in this house represents your calculative matter, whether its towards working or using your logical mind or doing anything. The most prominent places to explore your opportunities are accounting, finance, financial consulting. Mercury is the intelligence to save money of the company and its taxes; so, 6th house has great impact on your accounting career.

Mercury in 6th house makes you think constantly, as the shadow of Virgo will be there irrespective of whatever sign becomes the lord of 6th house. You will be constantly thinking and calculating about every aspect of your life. But this attitude can make you nervous. You become critical about other people as you are detail-oriented about your work. You automatically try to find flaws rather than concentrate on the good things.

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You can be very calculative, critical and analytical in every aspect of your life, which can sometimes create problems. You will either run away from the problems to foreign land or you will start to seek spirituality or go to isolated places to get away from your problems and to get away from things that you are dealing with right now.

Mercury can create ups and downs with your siblings, make you work for the government, you can also become a doctor and go into various medical professions.

Positive Mercury

A positive Mercury in 6th house will make you lead a happy marital life and your children will be bright and intelligent. Your partner will be very caring and supportive; there will be a peaceful conjugal life. You can work in mass media, communication fields, printing press, media agency, digital marketing, blogging, technology field, software development and web design - these fields will give you gains and enhancement of status and prestige. You love to invest your intelligence in verbal communication and arguments like a lawyer. You will gain and receive gifts from your maternal uncle.

Negative Mercury

A negative Mercury in 6th house will make you involve in overthinking and stress yourself with research work and the tendency and zeal to work extra hard as you want to earn very well from any work you do. But overthinking will cause you sensory nerve issues and will affect your brain and can cause nervous related diseases in your system. This position will give rise to debts as you would love to spend money in maintaining your lavish lifestyle, overindulge in partying, socialize and consume alcohol – all of which can really drain your liquid money. You might live away from your parents and home due to educational and career priorities. Your argumentative and judgemental personality can irritate others and spoil your relationship professionally and personally. As you will only use your logical, analytical mind it will make you shrewd and arrogant.

Some notable sign placements for Mercury in 6th House

  • Gemini-Mercury: It will make you a quick thinker and open to many ideas as the fast-paced planet is in its own house. Your learning and grasping ability will be very strong and you will have a photographic memory which can help you in your growth. But you will boast a lot and at times will become gullible to the influence of others.
  • Virgo-Mercury: This is the sign where Mercury rules and exalts, so it has its full potential to express your views in a painstakingly precise way. Your analytical and logic mind will be at a full swing to prove yourself right. Your thoughts are super clear and you will have highly organised ways of presenting yourself to others, especially at the professional front.
  • Pisces-Mercury: Mercury in this position will connect you at a soul level and will expand your intuitive level. You will become compassionate to others and will easily forgive and forget others’ mistakes and move on in life. You will not hold grudges nor sulk on petty things. You will be good at calculation and will handle your finances well.

Retrograde Mercury in 6th House

Retrograde Mercury in 6th house will make you super argumentative and judgemental in your daily life which will be tough to deal for others. In your profession, your communicative skill will create problems for you as you will engage in loose talk, bitching, cross professional ethics and get humiliated by seniors. This placement of Mercury will not fetch you gains in business. You will always have health related issues, especially regarding the nervous system.

Combust Mercury in 6th House

Combustion of Mercury in 6th house will not allow you to grow in life. Your communicative and analytical skills will not glitter and give you the satisfaction of achievement. You will not get many opportunities to exhibit your potential to the world. Your growth will be very limited and could not be able to take the leap of faith. The effort to prove your point will lack in your communication. You will involve in loose talk and spoil your reputation in both personal and professional life. You will indulge in debts and would not be able manage your finances properly.

Common Yoga positions possible with Mercury in 6th House

  • Harsha Yoga: This yoga forms when the lord of 6th house is located in the 8th or 12th house; it can provide good health, wealth and a happy family life.

Famous people with Mercury in 6th House

  • Will Smith (American Actor, Rapper & Film Producer): Popular as the ‘Fresh Prince’ and renowned for his films and music, he has received many accolades for his brilliance. As of 2021, his films had grossed over USD 9.3 billion globally, making him one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars.
  • Joan Crawford (American Actor): She started her career as a dancer in travelling theatrical companies before debuting on Broadway, and then she started a campaign for self-publicity, whereby she came to be known as a ‘flapper’ by the end of the 1920s. Her portrayal of hardworking young women with rags to riches stories made her popular with the women.
  • Steven Spielberg (American Filmmaker & Screen Writer): One of the most commercially successful directors of all time, he is the recipient of various accolades. He created films across different genres - Jurassic Park, Saving Private Ryan, The Adventures of Tintin, Lincoln, etc. His films have also been amongst the highest grossing films of all time.
  • P. Chidambaram (Indian Politician): A former attorney, he has served as Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha. He has also served as the chairman of the parliamentary standing committee on Home Affairs and as the Union Minister of Finance four times. He founded the Congress Jananayaka Peravai (Congress Democratic Front) in 2001.

Other notable people with Mercury in 6th House

  • Raj Kapoor (Indian Actor & Film Producer)


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