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Mercury in Eleventh House

Mercury in Eleventh House

When Mercury is in 11th house, the native is likely to form friendships with people who are intellectual and literary. You tend to be an introspective and serious person who values intellectual cooperation. You are inclined towards subjects such as science and research. You rather think more about social success over professional or business-related. Having a good social reputation matters to you. Such a person shares a harmonious bond with neighbors and relatives too.

Your ideas tend to be original and effective, and you love to communicate them to others. You like talking to people who can challenge your mental capabilities and have opposing views. You are always up for a good debate or two. There is a strong need for freedom of expression of unconventional and innovative ideas. These natives tend to have positions as secretary or spokesperson to their community or groups they are part of.  When Mercury is retrograde, the person feels a sense of detachment from the worldly affairs and seeks solitude of the mind.

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