Astrological Significance of the Main Entrance of the Home

The entrance to your home sets the tone for the entire house. The essence of your being gets captured in the first moment when you enter your home. Granted we have different styles which make us follow certain etiquettes for best simulation of positive energy and liveliness, read more to know some astrological recommendations for best results.

Astrological Significance of the Main Entrance of the Home


Home sweet home! Home is that beautiful paradise where you feel secure within its boundaries and it is the realms of your dreams. Every dream has a gateway to enter its paradise and the entrance of your house is the gateway from which the energies have the access of going in and coming out of the house. All the negative and positive energies surround here and that is why it is important to locate the main gate in the proper direction to maintain the well-being and prosperity in the house.

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What Is The Importance Of The Main Entrance

The importance of the main entrance in every house is very essential as person makes the series of entries in the house through the main door and the main door should emit positive energy on each entry. The optimistic energy that emanates from the front door circles the whole building. Hence it is very important that the main door has its position in accordance with the principles of Vastu to promote health, wealth and harmony among its occupants

Importance Of Location Of The Main Entrance

The location of the main door plays a vital role in maintaining peaceful and calm ambience in the house. Making it very necessary to find the correct location for the home; which can be a tedious job. But in order to reap the benefits of a good house, at this juncture Vastu can solve all your problems around you.

The position of the main entrance is important for the positivity of the house-

Entrance Door for North Facing House-

The entrance door should be placed in the centre of the wall of North West direction away from corners and the second best position of the main door can be in the northern direction with its plenty source of sunlight and energy.

Entrance Door for South Facing House-

The entrance door of a South facing house should not be placed in the centre of the wall or in South west direction as it can afflict the house and its occupants with hot infrared rays.

Entrance Door for East Facing House-

The opening of the entrance door should be in the North-East direction with door in the middle of the walls.

Entrance Door for West Facing House-

The opening of the entrance door of a West facing house should be in the left half that is facing towards the house with the parallel East facing door for plenty of sunlight during the day.

Importance Of Direction Of The Main Entrance

The main entrance should always be in that direction that always blesses with abundance of consistent positivity. The direction of the main entrance that are auspicious-

North : Wealth and Good luck
North-East : Best direction as Vastu principles
East : Brings power and happiness in the house
West-North West : Considered auspicious for the main entrance

The selection of the direction of the entrance gate of the house should be according to the zodiac of the main bread earner of the family. It will help to create equilibrium in your relations and improve your bond.

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Home is a place where you come to after a long day’s work and efforts for survival in this world. Naturally, you will want a place with calm vibe and peace to retire for the day and prepare for the next one. So if your house entrance pertains to all the qualities according to your zodiac sign, it will assist you in your ventures in all aspects of life.

Vastu Tips for all Zodiac signs-

The entrance of your home brings you positivity, wealth and happiness, says Vastu Shastra. A perfect direction as per your zodiac signs means a lot. Therefore try to build your entrance door according to your zodiac sign, following these facts:


According to Vastu Shastra, the Aries born people are more beneficial if they build their house in the East direction. For Aries the favourable planet represents the Sun. The entrance door should be in the east direction. You can also draw a Swastika symbol at the main door to maintain positivity in your home.


Taurus is the sign connected with the earth element who are well grounded by nature but prefer beauty and artistic things that pleases their senses. The Taurus born should make the entrance door in the North-East direction. North-east direction always brings positivity, wealth, health, power and prosperity along with all happiness. Good looking and fragrance flowers can revel you in the essence of nature of country side.


Gemini signs possess dual personality with the air element of the zodiac sign and they are attracted towards the things that have contrasting qualities. A Gemini born should know to build the entrance of his/her home in the North-East direction. The former directions will bring positivity and luck into your favour. According to Vastu Shastra, the sheds of your house should be yellow which will bring maximum benefits.


Cancer zodiac is one of sensitive signs in the celestial bodies embedded with water elements and the favourable direction of a Cancer born is north. This direction is associated with the God of wealth Kuber. The north facing wall has to be in light green colour. The person can place a silver Swastik at the main door and also can place a green coloured Ganesha idol.


Leo is a very dynamic sign as the lion of all the zodiacs, filled with aggression and a chirpy personality attracted by the fact that they want to own the world. North-west direction is the most favourable for Leo born people. As per Vastu Shastra, the North-West wall should be placed with a picture of the moon on the wall there. These people should place a swastika of silver bronze on the main door will be beneficial.


Virgo’s are defined by their perfectionist’s nature and they always like to place their things in a systematic manner. Virgo’s have the attraction towards earth element which brings in preference for natural surroundings. The favourable direction will be North-West where the house entrance should be built. According to Vastu, cream colour sheds on the wall of your entrance door will always bring positivity into your house.


The air element of Libra zodiac makes them a strong social being so they should build their house in the west direction with the entrance in the north-west direction. This keeps away the negativity from the head of the house. As per Vastu, to avoid negative consequences always put a Swastika at the main entrance of your house.


Scorpios are very sensitive in nature due to their base of water element. Scorpions can build their home entrance in the south direction. South-facing houses, in the case of Scorpio natives, are really auspicious and attract positive energy. Mop the floor of your house with saltwater or place an aquarium in the north direction of the house. The main entrance can have a Swastika and a plant of Tulsi in the courtyard will be auspicious for the Scorpio natives


The favourable direction for Sagittarius people is in the West. If you build the entrance in the North-west direction, the head of the family will always have the fear of the enemy. So avoid the main door in this direction. Plant a Tulsi (Basil) plant in the courtyard for maintaining positivity in the house.


For Capricorn, a South facing house entrance is always auspicious. Capricorn should make sure that the south direction floor must be higher than the east direction floor. The earth's elementary archers always admire craftsmanship. They are always happy to see magnificent furniture and place a Swastika on the entrance for maintaining positivity in the house.


Aquarius does not prefer too many things in their house. They like to have open space and minimal furniture. Aquarius likes soft hues such as shades of blue and gray. As per Vastu, an Aquarian can build a house entrance in the south-east direction. Also, place a Swastik on the entrance for maintaining positivity in the house.


Water is the element of this zodiac. They always like to welcome guests to their house and have an ambivert nature. Although the south-east is not preferable in Vastu, this is a very auspicious direction for Pisces. Placing a Swastika on the entrance brings prosperity and good luck.

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