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Interpretation of Moon in 12 houses: A series on Principles of Vedic Astrology

Moon in the horoscope stands for emotions, temperament, subconscious mind, and reactions to various developments in the immediate environment. In this article, we dive in to understand the presence of the Moon in different houses in Vedic astrology. Here is a simplified explanation of the Moon's impact in each of the houses.

Interpretation of Moon in 12 houses: A series on Principles of Vedic Astrology


If Sun is the karaka of power and spirit, Moon is what brings this power to us, just as it reflects the light of Sun to bathe us with brightness. If Sun is the soul, Moon is mind, emotions, instincts, temperament, and personality. Sun controls the outer aspects, how we manifest ourselves in the world. Moon governs our instincts, our thought process, inner feelings, inclinations, and behavior. Sun is how the world sees you, Moon is what you intrinsically are - your true self.

Moon stands for the mother, the feminine qualities, impregnation, conception, birth, love, kindness, peace and everything pleasant in the world. If you are ruled by Moon, you are nothing less than an emotional hurricane. Moon is exalted in Taurus, debilitated in Scorpio and forms Mooltrikon in Taurus at up to 27 degrees. It shares a friendly bond with Mercury and Sun and is neutral towards Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus. Since its influence is so profound and deep, the curiosity to know the effects of Moon in different houses never fades away. So here is the answer if you too are inquisitive.

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  1. Moon in First House:

As per Indian Astrology, Moon’s placement in this house bestows the native with courage and an attractive personality. You tend to remain cheerful for the most time. You are equally fond of travel as you are of socializing. Chances of going abroad more than once exist too. You may be spiritually inclined and in fact, you can make a big achievement in this area too. Having Moon in ascendant means, you are a highly sensitive person. Your imagination is strong and you love putting it to use towards constructive tasks. You love change and are very fond of your life partner. While you are quite popular in your social circle and are outgoing, you never compromise upon values. This position of Moon is likely to bring happiness in love matters. However, the placement can give physical weakness and financial crisis during the first few years in life.

  1. Moon in Second House:

Moon in your second house would mostly prove beneficial for you. You may have a huge and happy family. This placement would also prove to be rewarding in terms of financial strength. Income would be good and you will be able to save enough as well. However, there can be some rise and fall in cash flow periodically. A lot of people would like to recruit you owing to this positive placement. Females would specifically contribute to your wealth accumulation. Moon’s position is also indicative of your positive higher education prospects. You are educated and compassionate; however, you may face challenges during the primary education. You are soft-spoken and cultured, but there could be some speech related disorder too. Your face is attractive and admirable and your inclination towards carnal desires can be overpowering. You would be counted amongst the most respectful people. However, this position of Moon could give you some issues related to eyes. Moreover, your children may travel to foreign places and change their occupation frequently.

  1. Moon in third house:

Moon when placed in third house makes you creative. You will be always curious to know more about things. You would not like to spend extravagantly since you like to save for the rainy days. However, you have issues articulating your thoughts in front of others. Your interests and inclinations keep changing from time to time. You would have a cordial relationship with your younger siblings. Your father may change his occupation a few times, which may also provide him opportunities to travel a lot. Your life partner may also get a chance to go abroad. You will strive to be in the public eye and gain name and fame so you like to bear a cheerful demeanor all the time. You may also be inclined towards charity.

  1. Moon in fourth house:

Moon’s position here suggests that you are highly fond of your parents. People would see generosity and ease in your behavior. Your easygoing and cheerful persona keeps everyone in good mood. You are usually able to experience mental peace except on some occasions. This position of Moon is also said to boost inclination towards carnal desires. You would not have to make huge efforts to get recreation, conveyance, wealth and good friends. You would prefer to live or hang around aqueous places and you may have to relocate several times during your life. You and your partner would remain popular among people throughout. And you have a strong memory too. Moreover, if you are living in or contributing towards maintenance of paternal home, your efforts would be rewarding.

  1. Moon in fifth house:

Moon posited in this house would not only make you joyful but also bestow you with charisma in love matters. You’d be attracted towards entertainment and material comforts and may try hard to get these too. Your children would bring satisfaction and happiness in your life. You are as much courageous as you are intelligent. You may be inclined towards gambling and speculation too. Occult lore and religious pursuits would also interest you a lot. You mother would also be inclined toward spirituality and donations. You are intellectual and have a strong penchant for recreation, sports and arts and you are likely to be very successful in life. Your life partner would act as your lucky charm. As a person, you would be unable to hide any secrets. If you could avoid being irritable and erratic, this position is quite beneficial.

  1. Moon in sixth house:

As per Vedic Astrology, this place of Moon would mostly be unable to fetch any positive results. The placement can force you to switch jobs frequently. You would struggle a lot to keep your bonding with parents and coworkers strong. You may have health complications too related to stomach and eyes. You childhood may consist of dissatisfactory memories. Though you would not be able to make the right decision in some matters, it would be easy for you to catch the enemy. This position of Moon may weaken your health but at the same time, it would also boost longevity. You are likely to remain worried due to debts, in fact, you may have to pay some of your debts twice. The placement of Moon may also lead to defame at times. However, the position is favorable for father and children as they may get a taste of success.

  1. Moon in seventh house:

You would be reckoned in the class of cultured people. You may have a strong penchant to travel by water or stay close to water bodies. You could be impatient at times, but for the most part, tolerance and perseverance would act as your biggest virtues. You have what it takes to lead. Lots of travels are on the horizon too. You could do well as a businessman or a lawyer. Your dynamic personality is praiseworthy but to some, you may come off as pompous. You would have strong ties of love with partner. You and your partner both have to be physically attractive and inclined towards sensuality to function at best. If you wish to settle abroad, you can make your dream come true with little effort. You would get a lot of opportunities to travel with your life partner. You children would be equally fond of travelling but they may have to switch careers often.

  1. Moon in eighth house:

Moon in eighth house is not considered a positive placement so you may have to face up to unwanted challenges. However, this position of Moon also provides fruitful results due to which you will get success in business. You would be a self-righteous person. You could acquire wealth through the medium of marriage. But Moon here can make you a manipulative raconteur. You inclination would be more towards sensuality and you are prone to face hurdles in everything. You may have to confront distress owing to some association. Occasionally, you may be seen as jealous by some. Your relationship with mother may be less cordial or mother may have to suffer miseries in life. The fear of troubles engendered by enemies would keep you bothered throughout. Some difficulty with eyes or other physical miseries could trouble in between. You may have to face health problems related to lungs, swelling, or water borne diseases.

  1. Moon in ninth house:

Owing to Moon’s position in ninth house, you would be intellectual and daring. Your constitution is quite strong. Luck would be on your side right from youth. You would able to accumulate enough wealth during your life. You may be fond of travelling too. You are a religiously inclined person and always support religious activities and pursuits. You may help the downtrodden by supporting hospitals and reservoirs. You are a justice-loving soul. Not only the common people would respect you, but you may also be rewarded by an eminent personality of government. In spite of being lucky, you are a hard working person too with strong work ethics, someone who relies on self-worth. You are devoted to your father and in turn, your children would be equally dedicated and loving towards you. You are likely to visit or stay abroad for some time.

  1. Moon in tenth house:

You would be a prestigious person in society. You would be very successful and popular among people owing to your work efficiency, intelligence, and compassion. You would be part of some renowned work while indulging in activities of public interest. Your competence would be paramount in terms of running a business. Your relations with mother would be cordial and in fact, you would share a harmonious bond with all the females in your life. However, you may not be that content with your kids. You would get chances to travel abroad but you may have to switch businesses often. If you are ambitious and try to expand your business, you could get some respectful position. And this esteemed position could be offered by government as well. Placement of Moon in tenth house is also said to be helpful in adding years to life.

  1. Moon in eleventh house:

This position of Moon may give you a changeable personality. Nevertheless, you would be counted amongst intellectuals. You have a strong preference to travel or settle in a foreign land. You would enjoy the comfort of luxury vehicles. Your wealth is abundant and so is your reputation in society. You are quite knowledgeable in government matters too. You are a rich and honest person, with a long life ahead. You are a talented being, bound to enjoy the bliss of progeny. You would stay happily with your family while having plenty of servants to perform the daily chores. Sometimes, you could struggle to keep promises owing to expanding your work beyond your capabilities. If you wish to try your luck in politics, this position of Moon may support to the fullest. You may get a chance to work under government or somehow get recognition and respect from government. You are someone who easily adapts to different societies and people.

  1. Moon in twelfth house:

Moon positioned in this house may turn you into solitude lover. You may however contemplate successfully in solitude because you are a reflective person. You are a soft-spoken being but you are a spendthrift too. Your aggressive instincts are higher than usual. You may have to suffer from issues related to eyes and cough. You are likely to be a lazy lad, and may stay troubled on an emotional level. You love subjects related to love and secrecy. You are also inclined to travel abroad, and thankfully, you would get plenty of opportunities to do so as well. You may have a number of enemies though. You may be associated with some hospital or religious institution. But you may have to confront a lot of constraints in life. You would be unable to gain knowledge in business matters so you may have to stick to a job. You are likely to be concerned about your expenses while you are the one splurging recklessly.

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