Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius Impact on the Libra Moon Sign

Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius Impact on the Libra Moon Sign


Jupiter is the largest planet in Vedic astrology and is all about growth and expansion in various aspects and dimensions of life. It is the significator of wisdom, knowledge, children, marriage and philosophical belief system.

Jupiter is known as the Guru or mentor of all the planets and helps us find the right path and enlightens us with the power of knowledge that is required to lead a happy and prosperous life.

Jupiter Transit Period:

  • Jupiter will be transiting through Sagittarius on Libra moon sign from 4th November 2019 to 20th November 2020.
  • Jupiter also conjuncts with Saturn which is said to end on 25th January 2020.
  • Ketu has conjunction with Jupiter during this transit which will remain till 20th September 2020.

Jupiter Transit Effects on Various Houses

When Jupiter transits in the Sagittarius for Libra moon sign, it transits through the Third House of Siblings and Communication. Here, it is the Lord of the Third House and the Sixth House of Services and Enemies. It will transit through Sagittarius for approximately 13 months. For the Libra moon sign, Jupiter will be aspecting the Seventh House (House of Marriage and Business), the Ninth House (House of Fortune), and the Eleventh House (House of Income).

Jupiter Transit Effects in the Third House of Siblings and Communications

The transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius will give good influence for the Libra moon sign. Following are some good effects of this transit:

  • Jupiter is good for your relationship with your siblings
  • Your communication skills will be enhanced during this period
  • You may get multiple traveling opportunities during this transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius
  • This period is going to enhance and empower your decision-making abilities further
  • You will be bestowed with more courage and will power to face difficult situations in life head-on

Jupiter Influence on the Seventh House for Spouse and Business

This transit period is going to bring good news for you in the matters related to your marriage, love life and business. Following are the influences of the Jupiter transit in Sagittarius for Libra moon sign:

  • Your relationship with your spouse will remain on a good and healthy note. You will share a strong bond with your life partner
  • Those who are unmarried, you will get bright marriage prospects during this transit period
  • It is a favorable period to start a new business venture
  • For an existing business also, this is a good and favorable period that will bring financial benefits and gains for you
  • A joint business venture will bring huge profits for you during this transit period

Jupiter Transit Influence on the Ninth House of Fortune and Spirituality

As the Ninth House stands for fortune or luck and spirituality, the transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius for Libra moon sign will improve the fortune or luck and spiritual inclination of the Libra native.

Your fortune will start favoring you in a more positive manner

You may have overseas traveling opportunities. These travels will be beneficial for you as well

You may participate in spiritual activities

Your spiritual belief will strengthen and will have a strong inclination toward religions and spirituality during this period of transit

You will be able to get full support from your elders

Jupiter Transit Influence on the Eleventh House of Income

The monetary income of the Libra moon sign will see a boon with this transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius. Following are the effects of this transit on the Libra zodiac sign.

  • During this transit, you will experience a rise in your monetary income
  • New income prospects are possible during this period
  • Your friend will play the role of a potent catalyst to get your monetary success and benefits
  • You will spend quality time with your friends as well during this period
  • Traveling related to work will bring financial gains

To conclude, we can without a doubt say that most of the period of transit of Jupiter will remain favorable for growth and success in all aspects of your life. Your family and friends will also be a support system and play a major role in bringing all sorts of gains including monetary or financial ones. Overall the Jupiter transit in Sagittarius for Libra moon sign will remain good for you and will help you flourish in every aspect of life.