The Astrological Remedies that work best for your sign

Vedic remedies are great astrological tools that can enhance the positive effects of the planets. We have listed astrological remedies based on your zodiac signs that are effective in reducing the malefic energies of the planets.

The Astrological Remedies that work best for your sign


In Vedic astrology, Remedies, Tips, and Tools are considered to be of high importance as it offers solutions to many problems and issues that otherwise seemed hopeless. These tools also aid in rectifying or reducing the bad effects of the previous life’s bad karmas or deeds and helps strengthen and energize the good karma and deeds of a person. The best and most effective are the easiest of them all and hence should be done on as a regular habit as it would help create a positive magnetic field around you attracted all the goods from every direction to help you create a happy, healthy and successful present and future.

There are many remedies, tips, and tools which will be extremely effective for the zodiac sign individually. Here, we will discuss effective and beneficial tools that work best in favor of your zodiac sign (ascendant).

  1. Aries

For Aries ascendant (zodiac sign), feeding fish, birds, ants or insects on every Friday and Saturday will be beneficial. Aries should also respect women of all class and try and avoid getting involved in any kind of conspiracy against them. Patience will be the key virtue to attain unparalleled success in life for your Zodiac Sign.

  1. Taurus

In case of a Taurus ascendant, donating food at some orphanage or to the labor or homeless people on every Tuesday and Thursday will help you become a better person and will also prove beneficial for you otherwise. Try and avoid disrespecting your teacher even in their absence and also make sure you get enough rest and sleep at the end of the day.

  1. Gemini

On every Thursday, Gemini ascendant should feed birds in order to keep the flow of positive energy flowing smoothly in his or her life. Also, the Gemini native needs to avoid the use of the color ‘Red’ in general for their own good. Also, make sure you incorporate the use of copper metal on a daily basis in form or another.

  1. Cancer

On every Friday if the Cancer Ascendant donates food and clothing to the handicap, labor or homeless people then it will remain beneficial for the native. Try not to lie, or speak harshly or rudely, try speaking slowly and not in rush, and never promise beyond your capability to fulfill them.

  1. Leo

Extremely high anger and ambition may become an obstacle in your life’s positive flow. Try and be generous toward your society and environment Leo ascendant. Feed the fish, birds, ants, and insects on every Friday and Saturday as it will help Leo ascendant to achieve everything positive in their life. Try and sleep on a harder bed than usual and also include copper in some form in your daily use. This will sure shot bring success knocking hard at your door.

  1. Virgo

Staying away from greed and eating healthy is the mantra Virgo ascendant’s great, successful, happy, and prosperous life. Also, avoid staying extremely busy all the time. Also, be of some service to the society, make donations at any orphanage home and also feed birds on every Tuesday and Sunday in order to keep the positive energy flowing in your life without any hindrance.

  1. Libra

Libra ascendant, try and keep a tap on your emotion and its overflow and avoid getting into a love relationship at a young age: it will never prove potent for your bright future. Try and lead a disciplined life. Also, help labor class and homeless people with some food supplies or every Tuesday or Thursday; this will assure success in life for you.

  1. Scorpio

For Scorpio ascendant, helping in any way at an orphanage or a center for leprosy patients on every Friday or Saturday will be extremely beneficial for you. Apart from this, taking advice from your guru and always take extra special care of your mother in order to keep the positive and good energy flow in your life.

  1. Sagittarius

In the case of the Sagittarius ascendants, try and avoid being egoistic and critical about everything and everyone around you. Give sweets such as sweets, chocolate or toffee or Kheer (rice pudding) to little girls on every Friday or Saturday. This will ensure exponential growth and success in your life.

  1. Capricorn

For Capricorn native, donating at any religious place such as Temple, Gurudwara or Church on Thursday will be auspicious for your bright future. Also, give a bath to a cow and incorporate iron in some way in your daily habit. Avoid using the color cream and yellow at all times.

  1. Aquarius

In the case of Aquarius ascendant, you need to be respectful to the elderly. Hence it is highly advisable that you take care of them and also donate medicines at an old age home and be social in your life. Along with it also do not forget to feed birds and fish on every Tuesday for your own good. Make sure you avoid all the cold things.

  1. Pisces

As far as Pisces ascendant goes, you will be badly affected by high mood swings. Therefore using Sandalwood Tilak (Chandan Teeka) on your forehead will keep you calm and cool. Also, start feeding ants or insects at any park’s corner or under the tree on every Friday and Saturday regularly. Make eating balanced food a dietary habit for you. Doing so, you will be able to get rid of the bad effects of karmas of your previous life.

Along with these tips, remedies or tools, there are other remedies that are typically customized according to the need of the individual after a deep analysis of his or her birth or natal chart by an expert astrologer.