How strong is your Immunity? An Astrological Perspective

Your Birth Chart can reveal a lot of crucial information about your health and well-being. Different planetary combinations play a pivotal role when it comes to your health. Read more to find out which zodiac sign have strong immunity and the ones with a weak immune system.

How strong is your Immunity? An Astrological Perspective


Living a happy life requires a healthy body. Healthy people aren’t found in gyms or playgrounds, rather it is about keeping your inner peace and immune powers intact. As per astrology each and every planet signifies a particular part of our body. If a planet is in weaker position, you will suffer from the related diseases, this is a given fact. However, Astrology has a remedy for all such misaligned planets, and they have been so effective that people recover from chronic disease with such practices and patience.

Immunity is the most vital system for wellbeing which has the ability to fight back with viruses and other external disturbances. It is like a police system which fights against all the unwanted things from the environment.

  • Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, strengthens our liver and immune system as a whole.
  • Whereas Moon strengthens our lungs and Mars, our bone marrow and bones to keep it strong and combat any bad bacteria.
  • Mars is the planet of energy and signifies building material bones, blood, and vitality. So, Mars’ position can give us information about one’s immunity and wellness. It is the significator of the 8th house and this house talks about us about longevity and health related information.

Genetic Immunity we see from Sun, Moon and Lagna. If these three are well placed in your horoscope, then you will have immunity to fight back with diseases. The Lagna represents external diseases, and the Sun is related to internal diseases and the Moon signifies mind related issues. The combination and relationship of these three planets with other planets give rise to various diseases of the body.

The 6th house signifies your ability to do physical exercise to keep up your immunity level high. It talks about one’s lifestyle and food habits which determines our health and wellbeing. It increases your will power and self-confidence while balancing and centring the energy to fill it with vitality.

Let’s follow descriptions of elements which are Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, which can help us to identify our physical wellness.

  1. Fire Signs: Aries / Leo / Sagittarius

The fire element is the spark that gives us life. It helps us move, create, express, digest and sweat which helps toxins to release from our body. When fire is weal, we become sluggish and lazy, and also toxins accumulate within our body and mind. When fire is in excess, we get prone to heart diseases, ulcers, migraines, and chronic inflammations.

  • Aries: Aries believes in fighting with fire and thus the best way for you is to keep healthy through intense regime that allows you to sweat it out like cardio, martial arts, kick boxing, aerobics, etc.
  • Leo: Leos are ruled by sun so it is natural that they get a few hours of sunlight daily for not only will it uplift your mood, but it will make you all stronger and healthier to rule your life with magnanimity.
  • Sagittarius: You hate sitting in one place, for stagnation of any kind, depresses you immensely. Thus, it is important that you keep moving especially in activities like running, hiking or even aerobics and Zumba.
  1. Earth Signs: Taurus / Virgo / Capricorn

The element of earth is all about our structure, foundations, and overall nourishment. Unlike fire that rules the act of digestion, earth rules our bones and skeletal structure, which not only supports the entire body but also is a storehouse for bone marrow where red blood cells are formed.

When earth is weak, we become ungrounded, flighty, and fall prey to anxiety, as well as making it hard for us to accomplish tasks. When earth is in excess, we get weighed down and get stuck in ruts that makes us feel trapped along with weight related issues.

  • Taurus: Taurus doesn’t shy away from responsibilities but sometimes you like on too much and it wreaks havoc in your system. Massage therapy is the best way to boost your health and immunity especially deep tissue, hot stone, and cupping therapies.
  • Virgo: For Virgo, food is the ultimate medicine for everything. Virgo’s will benefit greatly if you work with a good nutritionist and create a food plan to promote your health.
  • Capricorn: The best way for Capricorn to remain healthy is to ensure that you take enough time to rest and especially sleep. You will enjoy practicing prana mudra to increase your immunity.
  1. Airy Signs: Gemini / Libra / Aquarius

The air element is connected to the nervous system, as well as lungs. If the element of fire is the spark of life, air is what helps us live, for without the ability to breathe, we cannot survive. Our nervous system is our main defence against the stresses of the outside world. All the gadgets emit blue light which is not good for the nervous system. When air is weak, we get swayed by the circumstances and in excess, we become overstimulated and prone to anxiousness.

  • Aquarius: You need to communicate and stay connected with yourself by some wellness programme like yoga, pranic healing, reiki and meditation.
  • Gemini: Breathing exercises will help you to work wonders for you provided you learn it from an experienced teacher.
  • Libra: Libra benefits greatly from therapies like Cognitive behavioural therapy and by practicing chin mudra.
  1. Water Signs: Cancer / Scorpio / Pisces

The water element rules our emotions, intuitions, as well as our ability to love and be loved. Water rules our lymph, mucus, semen and interstitial fluid, all of which are essential for our immune system to function properly. Our emotions and our immunity are deeply connected for all illnesses and diseases. So simply by hydrating, it is the best way to boost our immunity and overall health.

When water is weak, our health and wellbeing become brittle and often painful, physically and emotionally. When water is in excess, our emotions and moods become uncontrollable causing our immune system to go haywire and allow toxicity to fester within.

  • Cancer: Cancer will help the powerful effects of varuna mudra and variety of dancing therapies will rejuvenate you.
  • Scorpio: Deep cleansing and detoxification rituals like ayurvedic treatments are perfect remedy for you to enhance your immunity.
  • Pisces: Matsya mudra will help increase physical and mental flexibility but also relax and hydrate the muscles while practicing self-healing.