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The Remedies Measures for Saturn (Shani Upaya)

Saturn is a planet that can cause obstruction, delays with its malefic strengths. The rigorous challenges and hindrances of a Shani Dasha can, however, teach you meaningful lessons about life. Follow these Vedic remedies to overcome the harmful influences of a bad Saturn period.

The Remedies

Known as the taskmaster amongst the zodiac signs, Saturn is considered the planet of Karma in Vedic Astrology. One of the slowest moving planets, it takes around 2 and a half years to cross a zodiac sign. Thereby, it is indeed a boon for us mortals that while Saturn sits on a house, it greatly teaches us the important concepts of limitation and restriction. 

Do you still remember the strict teachers at school, who used to teach Biology or maybe Mathematics? The ones we used to dread if our homework was undone, or when we failed a test. Saturn’s role in Astrology is as such. It brings about meaning and structure to our lives by reminding us of our commitments, responsibilities, self-control, and boundaries. It shows that we need to strive every day and work hard, if we really want to be successful and happy. It teaches the importance of dedication and discipline, which is very much required if we need to fulfill our goals. To know more about Saturn’s influence, read here.

Though Saturn is not considered as one of the most beneficial planets in the zodiac sign, yet, it does bestow an individual with wealth, fame, and prosperity, when Saturn’s placement is in the beneficial house and sign o his/her horoscope. However, when Saturn is not in a good position, it gives loss, sorrow, health issues, disturbed relations, poverty, misery, sudden hurdles, unexpected losses, and so on. Apart from these, it might also cause joint pains, diminish one’s social circle, lessen one’s communication skills, problems relate to the stomach, accidents where one’s bones might break, or an old disease long lost could crop up again. With so many problems to face, it also gives us the power, strength, and will power to fight away evils. It also improves our decisive ability, as we have to think through every decision we make, and be conscious throughout. Therefore, no matter how big a tragedy or problem, there are suitable remedies for the same to be followed and practiced by whoever faces its rant.

Vedic Astrology is a predictive and prescriptive science. Therefore, under the influence of Saturn, if a person is facing immense problems, which have disturbed his entire life to the core, he should follow some remedial measures, which are recommended by the Divine Shashtra for Saturn cycle. These remedies are a part of the ‘prescriptive’ science in Vedic Astrology, which are highly regarded and used for warding off the evil effects of a certain transit or planet. These remedies, known as ‘Upaya’, are beneficial and profitable for the individual affected as it would surely bring about great relief and success. ‘Shani Upaya’ are the remedial prescriptive measures an individual afflicted with Saturn’s negative influence should follow after understanding and knowing at which level of dharma and Karma is he being afflicted.

It is a thing to be remembered that, ‘Saturn always delays, but never denies.’ This being said, with hard work, perseverance, patience, and honesty, Saturn will be immensely pleased, and will greatly help in coping up with the various difficulties. Saturn is also symbolic of bad Karma and thereby under its influence; we must greatly be involved in charity, humanitarian work, donations, keep a subtle nature, and so on. As per an individual’s moon sign and their Ascendant, the remedial measures could be different for different people, though it can be enumerated as below:

  • Offering food to lepers and handicapped persons on Saturday, as per your own worth: The logic behind this thought is that, lepers and the Saturn governs lepers and handicapped persons. Therefore, offering food or basic necessities to them would help us appease Saturn, and ward off the ill-effects of Saturn in our Horoscope.
  • Feeding ants, insects, and birds with grains, sugar, etc., every day or on Saturdays: It is to be noted that Saturn as a planet, rewards us for our good deeds. Therefore, in order to reduce its inauspicious effects in our lives, we should feed ants, insects and birds, according to our capacity, so that we are rewarded by Saturn for our noble acts.
  • Fishes can be fed every day, or on Saturdays, if possible: The reason for this stands same as the previous one. Saturn for the Karma we perform rewards us.
  • Feed hungry people a complete meal comprising of something fried, every Saturday: Here, we need to relate the fact that the planet Saturn governs products such as oil, gas, etc., and thereby feeding hungry people fried foods, preferably using mustard oil, on Saturdays, will make us eligible for being rewarded and even help us appease Saturn.
  • Wear a ring made out of a horseshoe (metal), or from the base of a boat, starting on a Saturday: The horseshoes or the boat holds a great significance in human’s life. Horses were and are still used as a mode of transportation of people and goods, and the same stands for a boat, be it land or water. Since they both take people to their destination, overcoming hurdles along the time, hence it is believed that wearing a ring as mentioned will help us surpass our problems, and reach our destination safely.

These remedies have been carried out through ages, and people have widely used them as strategies to appease and mitigate the bad influence of Saturn. Apart from these, there are a few remedial measures prescribed based on religious teachings, as it is widely accepted that no one can surpass the will of the Gods. These are as follows:

  • Every Tuesday and Saturday, offer Prasad to Hanuman (Hindu deity, ardent devotee of Lord Rama), and offer prayers to Him. To know about Hanuman, click here.: Everyone knows Hanuman (the monkey God) in Hinduism, that He protects us from the ill-effects of Saturn. The relationship between Saturn and Hanuman go a long way. It is said that once upon a time when Hanuman was trying to help the people of Lanka, he met Saturn and eased his pain by releasing him from Ravana, the ruler of Lanka, and the demon king. Ravana had captured Saturn and held him hostage in the darkest dungeon to prevent bad luck, delays and obstacles in his life. Saturn was thereby very grateful to Hanuman, and utterly pleased, blessed him thus, “Those who worship you, will never be afflicted by me.” So, praying to Hanuman as mentioned, makes us avoid Saturn’s ill-effects and helps us overcome our difficulties with ease.
  • Every Saturday, offer fruits or chickpeas to monkeys: In Hinduism, Hanuman, the monkey God, is held in high regard and monkeys are symbolic of Him. As we have read above, Saturn has blessed Hanuman, and thus, praying to him will help us appease Saturn. Thereby, when we feed monkeys and treat them with love, we would definitely make Hanuman happy, which would in turn help us diminish the negative effects of Saturn.
  • Light a Diya (earthen lamp) beneath a peepal tree, with a clean body and mind, after sunset on Saturdays: The Peepal tree holds great significance in Hinduism, and Vedic Astrology. It is believed to be graced by all the Gods, and especially for removing Saturn’s flaws, it is worth praying to the Peepal tree. Also, the Peepal tree is considered as a form of Shri Krishna, the dainty of Saturn. Thus worshipping the peepal tree, would give us the mercy of Saturn.

When Saturn enters the house behind your moon sign’s house or ascendant’s house, then Saturn ill effects starts to reflect in your birth chart, till it crosses through this house, then the house of the moon sign  or ascendant, and then the house after that. This effect stays for the total of seven and a half years as it stays for two and a half years each in the three consecutive houses. Thereby, during Saturn’s long cycle, the bearer’s life will be met with immense challenges, hurdles, ill effects in health, work, finance, and so on, and thereby, teach him to understand the real essence of life through the hard way. Saturn compulsorily comes at least one in a person’s life, which can be rightly diagnosed and then treated by an able astrologer, by reading the concerned individual’s birth chart.

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