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The Influence of Moon’s Silver Light on your Horoscope

The Moon influences how you perceive the world around you and respond to your immediate environment. Learn how the planet rules your mind and controls your emotions and how it influences your horoscope in various ways.

The Influence

Turn on the best Luminosity of the Moon, whether it is in the Waxing or Waning phase in your Horoscope. Wear the crescent Moon as your shining Crown, or as the Black Diamond Crown.

We all are now very familiar with the Moon sings and the influences of Waxing and Waning Moon present in our horoscope. Now the time has come, when you need to know that whatever luminosity your Moon has in your horoscope, that is perfect to make your life fabulous and full of enthusiasm with great success. You just need to decode the hidden message, which has been engraved by the universe in your horoscope, with the help of your Zodiac Sign and Nakshatra with its four amazing quarters that give the different shades to your identity and the mysterious Planets, which are responsible for making things happen in your life.

The Ancient Vedic Astrologers have revealed all the secrets, and decoded all the hidden messages present in the Universe. They have also preserved that as  Astrological texts which are very helpful for us now to understand the language of Universe. With the deep study and after decoding the puzzle of the cosmos and Milky Way, the Rishis and Astrologers have given the importance to the Moon, and regarded Moon as a Planet in the Astral Plane, giving due respect to it.

In the Vedic domain, the Moon is known as the ‘Chandra’, ‘The one which signifies the Mind’, and ‘Soma-the Ambrosia’, which gives ‘the vitality to fight against the negativity which comes in our minds’. The Moon is equated with Chandra and Soma and influences our thought and Vitality as well. Moon rules over the fourth zodiac sign Cancer-which is significant of our emotions, nourishment, and true feminine power. Moon also rules over three unique Nakshatra Rohini, Hasta, and Shravana.

Moon as Satellite: Moon is the only permanent natural satellite of the Earth, it completes the one cycle of the Zodiac plane within 29.5 days period. During this cycle, Moon moves through the Nakshatra and the Quarters of Nakshatra as well, which gives the Moon a unique time period and characteristic, to bless the native who takes birth in that particular moment when the Moon was traveling through the zodiac sign.

The Journey of Moon within the Nakshatra helps us to read the Vedic Watch: All along the cycle, through which the Moon passes on, comes as the Mahadasha-time-period-in-Vedic-astrology. It is in which a child born and the Moon gives the Birth Nakshatra to the child, which gives the special characteristic to that child. Therefore, the Moon-Horoscope/Chandra-Kundali plays a vital role to decide whether the child has the strength to face the challenges, which will come to him with the time period. Even all the relationships like the third house from the Moon, will give good and bad relationships with siblings and neighbors. The Moon gives the clue and surety of time when a particular event will get manifested in one’s life.

Tithi the Phases of Moon:

We knew that the tide comes in the ocean with the gravitational attraction between Moon and Earth, and its work with the phases of Moon gets increased within every month, depending on the energy present in the zodiac sign and the event which gets manifest. The angular distance between the Moon and the Sun gives the Tithi-Lunar-Based-Calendar. Tithi is the Vedic timekeeping for the specific work or ceremony, and also predicts the events in one’s life with the Tithi. All these Tithis are 30 in number. Moon signifies the Soma-Ambrosia in one’s mind, which gives rejuvenation to the mind and the creative power to make things happen in one’s life. Therefore, the seventh from the Moon signifies the relationship of a native.

A Tithi is ruled by specific Planets in everyone’s horoscope and so, the placement of the Tithi Lord will play the main role to give happiness and challenges in the life of a native.

Moon and the Sacral-Chakra:

A sudden and unplanned situation is one in which you get stuck, and which needs to be dealt with and flushed out from your life. We all are aware of this situation, but how the Moon helps you solve this puzzle. According to the Hindu Scriptures, the human body works on the seven primary chakras in which the second important is the Svadhishthana-Chakra-One’s-Own-Base, and is also known as the Sacral Chakra ruled by the Planet Moon, and give problems which are related to affection, destructiveness, delusion, disdain, and suspicion. This is the reason why the planet Moon gets afflicted with the malefic planets, or the nodes in one’s horoscope, and due to which the native will suffer the mentioned Vrittis/Obstacles related to Svadhishthana Chakra.

During the transit period, the malefic effects will influence the life of the native with the Vrittis related to the Sacral Chakra. The energy of Pearl Gemstone can handle the energy of the Sacral-Chakra. After wearing the Pearl gemstone, the person will get relief with the negative influence of malefic planets.

Have both the divine and Mystic Energy from Full Moon vs. New Moon:

A new phase in life can come about at any time. Don’t hesitate with the change in life, and take steps with courage, which can change your life with the divine power of the Full Moon and the New Moon.

No matter in which phase you are born, just aligning with the Full Moon and New Moon with the Vedic rituals, after analysis of your horoscope gives you remedies related to your Moon Phase in which you born. This helps you to enjoy the blissful life and wear the Crescent Moon as a Crown, which would be specially made for you, from the Cosmos. These remedies will also fulfill the promises given by the Moon, which are known as the Sunfa-Yoga, Anfha-Yoga, Durudhara-Yoga, and Gaja-Kesari-Yoga, present in the horoscope.

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