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Is banking & finance a good career for Taurus moon sign?

While there are numerous job opportunities in the world, not all of them excites all of us. Getting a job is no big deal, but getting a job which gives you a sense of joy and emotional satisfaction is the tricky thing. However, this complex aspect can be decoded through the help of Vedic Astrology, which can tell you some great deal about - your character and that of the planets that influence you big time, to help you chose the right career path.

For Taurus, specifically, since they are reasonably organized and persistent in their efforts, jobs in banking and financial sector may well be their true calling.

What are Taurus like in the workplace?

Taurus ascendants can thrive in any work environment, given its not very dynamic. They like fixed routines, since it’s comforting for their inflexible nature. They are structured and an avid follower of hierarchy. They are most comfortable being behind the desk, taking orders and following instructions. Hence, they are able to coordinate well with their superiors and also turn out to be excellent team players. With all these traits, they thrive in a routine and established setup of banking and finance domain.

Why banking and finance is the right career for you? It is because your natal chart shows your inclination to this domain

Taurus is an earthy sign ruled by Venus. This makes the native down to earth and humble. With Venus having the lordship of both 1st and 6th house, a person born in the Taurus moon sign tends to be practical, calm, patient and diligent. If you are one of them, you surely know how to work relentlessly for long hours and not missing the minutest details in the process.

You are obviously not impulsive but you are not careless, either. You have the tendency to wait for the right opportunity and take the full advantage of the situation to get things work out in your favor. Influence of Venus on your 6th house makes you extremely service oriented, thus making you a great fit for both government and private sector jobs.

Planetary combinations that works for you in the banking and finance domain

A Taurus native doesn’t come across as very aspirational, however, the truth is, that they are pretty ambitious and nurture big dreams. With their determination they could take up high ranking and well-paying managerial jobs in the banking and finance industry. In fact, their stars also favor them in this endeavor.

Well placed Mercury and Saturn gives you a natural penchant for career in banking and finance domain

  • Mercury which is the lord of 2nd and 5th house of a Taurus moon sign, gives good wealth, finances and articulacy to the native. So, if you are born in the rising of Taurus or in the Taurus moon sign, you are kind of blessed with both – good speech and wisdom to succeed in jobs, which require public dealing, with astuteness and poise.
  • Saturn is a slow moving planet and with its rule on the 9th and 10th house in the natal chart of Taurus ascendant, it gives them a natural liking for professions which are routine and settled. And, banking and finance just fits fine in that category!
  • If 4th house has the placement of Sun, Mars or Venus in Leo sign, there is a high likelihood of you taking up government jobs. Aspect of a strong Sun on your career house will give rise to career prospects which require dealing with public, making you fit for customer and client interfacing roles.


Good education and relocation possibilities are other key factors to succeed in banking and finance industry

  • The aspect of Mercury in the 9th house of Taurus ascendant gives an indication of long travel. It also strikes an association with the career lord to beef up your chances of going abroad for higher education.
  • When Mars transit upon your 7th house, good partnership possibilities in work or business take shape. With this placement, you could also get a transfer to a foreign location or may even settle abroad, to further your career in banking and finance sector.
  • When Jupiter will transit over Scorpio sign in the house of partnership, it provides an opportunity to go abroad for higher education or career growth.


Will you earn enough money in this sector?

Job satisfaction is one thing, but to sustain the livelihood you need to earn enough money. Numerous surveys suggest that for millennial, compensation is no way the secondary thing. They need instant gratification from jobs and that includes financial contentment.

So, while banking makes for a good career choice for Taurus native, would it help them earn sufficient income? Well, yes indeed, as it is quite evident from your natal chart. In Vedic astrology, Jupiter signifies money, and in the case of Taurus ascendant, it is the lord of the 8th and 11th house. This placement results in emergence of sudden and unexpected opportunities for monetary gains. Thus, a career in risk management, financial advisory and corporate wealth management will help you make big bucks through your intelligence and resolve. If you have the entrepreneurial talent, you can even think of doing your own business in the financial domain to turn your fortunes around.

Know your worth…

For anyone who is willing to work, sky is the limit. If you have the desire, you will definitely find the job that you truly deserve. A career should not be just a necessity but it has to be an aspiration. By keeping in mind the above-mentioned points, a Taurus native can proceed on the work front, better informed and ready to take control of their career to get remarkable results.

The best thing about all you Taurus moon sign people is that you have the ability and will to carry on your work with utmost dedication and honesty, and that makes you an ideal employee. And, since banking and finance caters to most of your needs for a desirable workplace, you could well end up making a flourishing career in this sphere!

While, this is the overall representation of the natal chart of Taurus ascendant it doesn’t represent the accurate picture. Since, everyone has different planetary positions during the time of their birth, the results will vary for different people. To get your accurate Career Horoscope, click here.