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Is career in banking & finance sector good for Aries moon sign?

Ruled by Mars, Aries are supposed to be fiery and strong. If you are born in the rising of Aries or in the Aries moon sign, you are confident, ambitious and independent workers. You have a strong and vibrant personality. You are good executors and perform well with limited guidance and support. All these traits make you do well in careers which require you to lead and utilize your entrepreneurial skills.

Obviously banking and finance is not as fancy a field that would attract you at the outset. Being highly competitive by nature you cannot derive satisfaction out of a 9 to 5 job. However, banking as a career is not as mundane as we think, there are dimensions to this domain which are unexplored and rather exciting. So, there could be job profiles such as, banking app developers, ethical hackers, coders, and some traditional but not so regular jobs such as financial advisors, counselors, loan officers and teller or cashier that can be suitable for the change-seeking, enthusiastic nature of an Aries native.

Besides personal inclination and innate traits, there are certain astrological principles which applies to all moon signs and defines whether they will succeed in the chosen profession or not. For banking and finance related career, these guidelines are given below.

Astrological rules for having a successful stint as a banking and financial professional include:

  • A strong 2nd and 11th house
  • Strong 4th house, which signifies people and masses
  • Strong Jupiter, which signifies money
  • Strong Moon, which signifies prosperity
  • Strength and connection of 2nd and 9th house

The house analysis of the natal chart of Aries moon sign for a career in banking and finance domain

A strong 2nd and 11th house is fundamental to have a successful career as a banking or finance professional.

Why? Because, 2nd house signifies material goods, accumulated wealth and other possessions. The 11th house represents wealth, abundance and income. So, when both these are strong it benefits the financial status of the native, enormously.

  • For Aries moon sign, Venus is the lord of 2nd house which indicates that the native will earn through their intelligence. It makes you a good problem solver and enables you to get name and fame in your professional field.
  • The 11th house which signifies income and wealth is ruled by the planet Saturn in the natal chart of Aries. It is placed in the 9th house of Aries moon sign native, which makes them proficient in working as a counselor for debts, loans or bonds.

Strength of the 4th house also need to be checked for it signifies your association with people and masses

In Aries natal chart, 4th house is occupied by Cancer sign, which is a water sign. Aries ascendant being primarily ruled by Mars tends to lose focus in such a placement. The 4th house influence wants you to streamline your energies, control your aggression and be disciplined in your act. All this can lead to frequent upshots of anger and power struggles at the work front. Though, things get better in the latter stages of life.

Besides, it does give the Aries native certain level of connect with the masses at large, since Cancer is ruled by Moon, which signifies interpersonal relations. Therefore, this can favor the Aries ascendant in professions such as cross-selling, dealing in financial transactions related to home and household products and other such areas in the realm of banking and finance.

The planetary analysis of the natal chart of Aries moon sign for a career in banking and finance sector

Along with the houses, planets, their positions, aspects and transit also plays a vital role in defining one’s career and subsequent success in the chosen professional field. Jupiter and Moon are considered as the key planets, signifying wisdom, money and prosperity, to be present in all their strength for a native to succeed in career in banking and related fields.

  • For Aries moon sign, Jupiter is the lord of 9th and 12th This placement will give you wisdom in a particular field and ensure slow and steady growth in finances. This also represents the likelihood of getting higher education in a foreign land.
  • Moon, the other significant planet for banking and finance professionals is well-placed in the 4th house of Aries native. Though some struggles are indicated, this placement favors your connection with masses, making you successful in areas which offers you opportunity to be in direct contact with the client or customer.
  • Other than this, Venus which owns the 7th house of Aries, gives the native immense fortune through partnerships. This is a good sign for those Aries ascendants who are keen to become financial entrepreneurs.
  • A well-placed Venus also relates to effective skills in money related transactions. So, if you have a strong and favorable presence of Venus, you can expect a successful career as a cashier/teller, wealth manager or a cash and payments executive.

Planetary combinations that will support a successful career in banking and finance for Aries ascendant

While, in general, banking and finance is not supposed to be a very fruitful career choice for Aries, there are certain astrological combinations that may work out things in the favor of Aries ascendant, to grant them a professional advantage in the said domain.

  • If the planet Mars is placed in own sign in Aries, it enhances the mathematical abilities of a person and makes them do well in jobs which requires public dealing and transactions.
  • If 4th house has the lordship of Moon with Mercury placed in it, and if Moon is placed in the house of foreign travel/connection, Aries native has a probability of going abroad for higher studies.
  • Sun is the lord of 5th house in the natal chart of Aries, if it is present in own house, it makes the Aries native take high ranking positions in the chosen professional field. This implies that they can become mangers in a banking or financial setup, if they take up career in this field.
  • Contradictory to the misconception that Aries will not do well in routine jobs, if Saturn occupies their 10th and 11th house, they can have a liking for a settled and regular job.
  • A well-placed Saturn in the birth chart of Aries also signifies that the native could join the banking and finance sector as a youngster and may slowly and steadily move up the hierarchy.
  • If Mars is placed in the 5th house of Aries ascendant, it makes the native good at public dealing.

Significant ‘yogas’ for banking professionals

A connect between the 2nd and 9th house results in a very rare yoga called ‘Laxmi Yoga’. This is typically found in the birth chart of individuals who own the banks. For Aries ascendant, if you have Sun in your 5th house in Leo sign and at the same time Moon and Jupiter are in your 11th house, it will create a ‘Laxmi Yoga’, making you affluent. If ascendant Lord Mars, career Lord Saturn and luck Lord Jupiter associate in your 5th house, you are sure to earn immense wealth.

No dearth of contemporary opportunities in banking and finance sector

Broadly speaking, Aries like change, they are not quite comfortable in monotonous or routine situations. So, when in banking and finance sector, they can do well in anything that requires them to think out-of-the-box, be creative and experimental. To this extent, they can do very well as ‘innovators’ in the financial sector.

Banking and finance is no more the traditional sector we have known for long. It has undergone a paradigm shift in approach and work environment. The sector today boasts of inventions such as internet banking, virtual experience, mobile app development, which brings us to the emergence of a whole new breed of independent financial advisors, and technology and automation experts to aid the finance domain. This is something which can attract Aries ascendant to this sector and they will be able to do pretty well for their career growth and financial stability in these areas.