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Doctor profession for Libra moon sign natives

Choosing the right career is such a difficult choice of life. A right choice will lead you to a splendid future and a wrong one will land you into issues. So you should be cautious while choosing your profession. A certified astrologer can see your horoscope and tell you more about the kind of abilities you have for your zone of work. A good astrologer can guide you towards the right career path which won't just be useful for your earning yet will likewise be the most appropriate for you in terms of comfort, durability and respect.

We will discuss about planetary combinations for Medical profession. Doctors are considered as one of the most prestigious profession in any country. It isn’t just esteemed but a lot of financial gain and respect is additionally connected with it.

So let’s see what is so special in doctor’s horoscope and have a look at the Astrological yoga to progress towards becoming a successful doctor. 

Libra: The Balance

Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac. It is considered a perfect scale to weigh measure and ultimately arrive at a perfect balance. Therefore, it is not surprising to see a Librarian balancing life. Balance is the keyword in a Librarian’s life and strives until me arrives at it. A Librarian keeps working hard to create a balance between personal and professional life.

A Librarian can be a great leader, capable of praiseworthy sacrifices. Neither applause nor discouragement can carry him away. They remain cool and calm even in the midst of crises.

A Libra moon sign is: Firm in conviction, practical, keen observer, has a good foresight to reason out things, they move with a practical approach not bothered about their reputation. They rely on their own judgment.

Houses for Medical Profession

  • 1st House- Mental and Physical attitude and dedication towards profession
  • 3rd House- Hard Working Nature
  • 5th House- Intelligence and Higher Education
  • 6th House- Short term diseases
  • 8th House- Longevity and Long term diseases
  • 10th House- Indicates Karma (and Profession)
  • 12th House- Indicates Hospital and Bed

Planets important for Yoga to become a doctor

  • Venus- (for Medicine) - Venus (Shukra) is thought to have Sanjeevni Vidya (Provided to him by Lord Shiva) which is the knowledge to cure Dead Persons. Thus Venus also assumes a vital role in turning an individual into a Doctor as per Astrology.
  • Jupiter-Jupiter represents knowledge and wisdom. It will provide the knowledge to fix. Jupiter should be positively placed in your horoscope
  • Mars- (for Surgeon) - Mars is the significator of Blood, and during medical procedures doctors need to deal with blood subsequently, Mars assumes a significant role in making the person a good doctor.
  • Sun-According to Varahamihira, Sun signifies Doctor. It is illustrative of one's soul. It ought to be well placed, for the person to be a Doctor.
  • Moon- Moon represents emotions and feelings. To turn into a medical specialist one should not be emotional (that is the person ought not to be soft hearted). Moon’s placement should be in such a way that that makes the person bold and strong.

Combinations which can bring up excellent career in medical science

Mars rules your second house of money and your seventh house of partnerships. Its aspect over Saturn in the fifth house of Education will create unimaginable fascination for medical studies in a native’s life. He/she will adapt a keen interest in this field and this will make them more focused towards their studies. Study of medical science requires a good investment as well. In this way parents should be prepared to put in their hard earned money in their child’s education in order to fulfill their dreams.

Aspiring Gynecologists and Urologists

Venus rules the first house of intelligence, mental ability and it is the lord of the eighth house which represents venereal diseases, scrota, sex organs, ovaries and prostate glands. In the event that Venus gets placed in your eleventh house of aspirations and wealth, there are great chances of you becoming a gynecologist or urologist.

Monetary Gains

If Venus is well placed in your eleventh house of income, at that point you’re likely to receive descent monetary gains from your profession. You will get several golden opportunities in your professional life which will help you make a lot of money and thus letting you maintain a stable financial status. Along with good name you will also enjoy monetary benefits.

Aspiring Oncologists

Jupiter has a command over your third house of courage, initiatives and sixth house of medical services. Its aspect over the tenth house of profession, status and dignity with placement of Mercury will pave a way for native’s career as a proficient Oncologist. However, true dedication, patience level and courage are required to deal with challenges in a dignified way.

Aspiring Radiologists

Saturn rules your fourth house of learning and has an aspect over the tenth house of success. Its placement in the tenth house can make you inclined towards Radiology field.  

In the event that Saturn owns your fifth house of wisdom and creativity and at the same time has an aspect over your seventh house partnership, at that point you’ll get opportunities to work as a Radiologist either at your private clinic or in partnership with any other doctor or hospital.

To know about the precise planetary combinations that lead to yoga for becoming a Doctor in the Horoscope Click here. Since choosing the career is one of the most important decisions in one’s life so before proceeding to choose any career one should always consult an astrologer. 

The above mentioned results are generic in nature and may vary from one individual to another. If you have any doubt related to your career Click here