Astrological Tips for the betterment of your Kitchen

Kitchen is that sacred place where the entire food for the family comes for. Positive energies must reflect in your kitchen such that the nutritional quotient of the family is taken care of. Learn about some of the important astrological suggestions as to how to make your kitchen even more amazing.

Astrological Tips for the betterment of your Kitchen


Kitchen is the primary den or that area where the nutritional wealth of each house member is affirmed. Kitchen is one of the most vital areas of the home which has its wheels active for food preparation all the time ensuring the health benefit for all. According to Vastu principles, the kitchen should be designed in such a manner so that it helps to balance the house’s energies and vibrations and as kitchen is not only a source of life, but it also acts as a catalyst to boost positivity in every aspect of life and the variations of mood prevailing in the home can be read well from the kitchen menu.

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Direction of the Kitchen:

Astrologically, the five elements- earth, sky, air, fire, and water must be in harmony with each other, so that your kitchen is full with positive energy to its brim.

The Lord of Fire—Agni— rules the southeast direction of the house, which is the perfect location for your kitchen and the northwest direction can be your second choice for your kitchen. You should ensure that the kitchen is never built in the north, north-east, or southwest directions of the house, as it may have a very strong negative impact on family relationships.

Kitchen gadgets like gas stoves, cylinders, microwave ovens, toasters, and other appliances should be positioned in the kitchen’s southeast corner and they should be arranged in such a manner so that an individual always cooks facing east to enhance positive energies in the house.
Kitchen sinks and faucets show running water, filter, RO, or earthen pot to store water should be placed in the kitchen in the northeast direction.

Direction of Kitchen window:

It is very essential for every kitchen to have a couple of windows and an exhaust fan on the east wall to expel and ward off all negative energies.

Floor of the Kitchen:

According to Vastu Shastra, Ceramic tiles, mosaic, and marble are the best flooring choices for the kitchen as kitchen floor is treated with rough reverence from everyone during the major part of its life.

Colours of the Kitchen:

Green, lemon yellow, and orange are perfect kitchen colors because they nourish and reflect the colour of flames. Avoid using black, grey, and blue colors in the kitchen.

Key Points to avoid for Kitchen:

  • A shared wall between the kitchen and the bathroom is not auspicious for its positivity.
  • The kitchen must not face the house’s main entrance to avoid a series of less progressive energies.
  • The kitchen stove and sink should not be put under the prayer room or the shrine as it invites bad luck.

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The Kitchen Style that best suits you based on your zodiac sign:


Aries, you are not subtle by nature, so your kitchen should reflect your fiery personality through the reflection of bold colors, eye-catching patterns and trendy textures. You have to stick to just a selected furniture quotient, chunky light fixtures or neon stools, and you will prefer to keep the rest of the room neutral. Energetic Aries should not forget colourful detailing.


Your love of hosting friends and family is well known but a need for practicality indicates that a kitchen that's spacious, accommodating and calming, which the best option for you is. Opt for an open floor plan, an extra-large space that fits many counter stools and sleek cabinets that hold all the entertaining supplies you require to socialize. A coastal combination of grey, white and or seaside blue is the best colour combination for your kitchen.


You have an emotional spirit so your kitchen should be classic and consistent without too many frills. Since collecting accessories isn't something you particularly enjoy, opting for a simple kitchen with natural textures, tones and materials is a good option. Your kitchen will always be stylish and never cluttered, making it the perfect place for you to entertain people with style.


Cancer natives are warm and inviting and you need a kitchen that you can escape to once in a while. Your love of creativity and beautiful things won't allow you to go for a simple kitchen. A modern kitchen with cozy elements is the perfect fit for you. Marble countertops and upper cabinets for open shelving is the best way to store the beautiful dishes and trinkets that make your house a home.


Your love of efficiency and the finer things in life makes a black-and-white kitchen the best option for you. Your kitchen should have chic appliances with lasting quality, complemented by black fixtures and faucets. Keep your cabinets and countertops white. The contrast will add a touch of elegance and modernism to your kitchen along with the panorama of black and white sequence.


Harmony, balance, and sequence are a Virgo's biggest virtues—which are words for a perfectionist. Your kitchen should be a great combination of the above mentioned qualities. A rustic chic style is a perfect style for your kitchen along with white cabinets mixed with warm wood stools, glam hardware details of handles and lights with elegance of their placement in perfect order.


Libra knows that true beauty lies in the details of the kitchen so when it comes to your kitchen, choose artistic features like bronze hardware, butcher-block countertops, and a farmhouse sink. You could also curate a collection of cookbooks and framed prints to display throughout the kitchen. Keep it light and airy to maintain tranquility.


Your kitchen should be a reflection of the combination of the duo of who you are—bold and charismatic. While you like the warm feel of natural elements, you also have a sensual side, so keep your kitchen vivid with action and filled with fun. Display bright cookware against patterned tile back wall, and statement-colour cabinets. Retro touches here and there on the wall, cabinets can also add to the vividness of the kitchen.


True to your Sagittarius sign’s free-spirited nature, you prefer an eclectic eatery, so don’t be afraid to play around with mismatched patterns and textures. Your love of travel will help you channel your bohemian tendencies through a kitchen that is eclectic [mixed taste]. Navy cabinets with brass drawer pulls, a Moroccan tile backsplash and a Turkish rug runner fits perfectly with your nomadic vibe.


A traditional kitchen, best suited for the family, is ideal for you. You lean toward the traditional rather than the trendy, meaning you like elegant antiques, clean architecture and rich shades like forest green or slate gray. Dark wood cabinetry and industrial-style barstools are a great foundation to build on and back it up with white marble countertops for that traditional feel.


The perfect kitchen for you is which is away from the latest trend and a bit rustic in appearance with the blend of present and past hue. Don't be afraid to use plants as your main accessory. You can also work with glass-front cabinets for an open feel. Consider white bead board cabinets for an interesting detail. Instead of tiling or painting your walls, make use of removable wallpaper.


It would be great to inject lightheartedness into your kitchen so use bright pops of colour in certain areas, while keeping the rest of the kitchen fairly neutral. Turn your kitchen into a sanctuary with cool colors like blues and greens, soft lighting and warm mixed metals. Keep the counters clear of clutter to cultivate more calm and serenity into your kitchen.

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So to conclude this article it is very concrete that the kitchen is not only capable of appeasing our taste buds but it also stimulates emotional vibes to a positive and stable ladder which will make a significant and meaningful difference in your life complimenting not only your nutritional values but also your emotional strength with positive attributes.