World Food Day: Cuisine/Food Item suits your zodiac sign?

World Food Day brings to the forefront the challenges of hunger and malnutrition inequality that exist in our world. Eating clean and healthy food is of utmost importance for healthy living, not just today but for days to come. Based on your moon sign zodiac, we bring to you, your favourite food dishes.

World Food Day: Cuisine/Food Item suits your zodiac sign?


World Food Day is celebrated each year on October 16. This day marks the launch of the Food and Agriculture Organization by the United Nations in 1979.

The day is observed to promote global awareness and action against those who suffer from hunger and malnutrition. This day aims to highlight the importance of healthy and clean diet for all. This day brings into notice the concern for the problem of hunger and food security and to combat these issues.

The theme for 2021 World Food Day is “Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow”. As a global community, the role of transformation in the agri-food systems needs to be recognized and be implemented by the respective governments, private companies, farmers, civil societies, academia, and today’s youth. Empowering each and every element of our agri-food systems to collaborate more fairly, sustainably and inclusively from farm to table, and beyond is the need of the hour and has to be expressed and addressed fairly.

Food for your soul:

Essential as it is, food is often a factor of comfort. Feeling gloomy? You will find happiness in your favourite comfort food. Celebrating an achievement? You head out to our favourite restaurant to treat yourself. Food is omnipresent and good food often changes the course of a day, always making it better. However, no matter how much we love food, we must keep in mind viable eating habits of having safe and clean food.

Food borne diseases affect all cohorts of the population. We all have preferences of different cuisines and food that we like and enjoy. While we often tend to go overboard with the food items that we like, we must always keep in mind sustainable and healthy eating habits.

On a given day, do you prefer Chinese, or will you be content with simple home cooked Dal Chawal or do you want a bite of your favourite McDonald’s burger?

Unable to decide from the myriad choices that you have at your disposal? Let us narrow it down for you, based on your zodiac moon sign, the food/cuisines that speak to your soul, making your decision a tad easier.

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Food/Cuisines that you like according to your zodiac:

Each cuisine has its different flavour and characteristics, just like your innate zodiac characteristics. Find out here which of these characteristics line up with your astrological sign.

  1. Aries

You are adventurous and spontaneous and that reflects on your choice of cuisine as well. You like new things and are unafraid of experimenting with new and offbeat food items. Aries natives are intense, natural born leaders and bold.

Oriental food like Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese or Indonesian cuisines have a vast range. It can be extremely spicy and hot to bland and wishy-washy, just like the range an Aries have. You will dig in to spicy schezwan as enthusiastically as into Khao-Suey. Aries you are just as versatile as the Oriental Cuisine.

  1. Taurus

You are strong and stubborn, just like your symbolic bull. You are practical and yet very traditional in your approach. Your food choices are also similar. You prefer to stick to your home cuisine, for if you are an Indian, you would prefer Indian food over anything else.

However, you have eyes for beautiful food and appreciate the food culture along with the food items as well. You make practical and responsible food choices, based on your inherent nature. A traditionalist Taurus prefers Greek cuisine, which dates back to thousands of years and is enriched with culture.

You also prefer Japanese food, for you are smitten by their culture of hard work and efficiency, just as you are.

  1. Gemini

You like to live on your own terms. Gemini natives are carefree, playful and always open to try new things. You are flexible and have the ability to adapt and change as and when the situation so demands.

Your choices of food are easy and you prefer any cuisine that allows you to actually sit over the dining table and chat for hours, being the chatterbox that you are. American cuisine appeals to you the most.

A platter of American dish usually comes with several side dishes and the popular concept of brunch is a total deal maker for you. American cuisine offers a lot of variety from deep dish Chicago pizza to hotdogs to the famous mac n cheese, all of which you enjoy to the core.

  1. Cancer

You are caring, emotional and sensitive. You prefer food which comforts you. Your sweet and emotional disposition draws you to similar food choices, which predominantly has one strong overtone of a flavour. French or Caribbean cuisines work best for you.

You like a well plated, aromatic dish which is easy on your taste and smell palette. You appreciate locally sourced food items in your dish. Being the sentimental type, you are also prone to try out recipes which are age old. Hence, French and Caribbean recipes work out amazingly for the imaginative Cancer natives.

  1. Leo

You are bold, flashy and very modern in your outlook. You have penchant for all things beautiful and aesthetic. Same goes for food as well. You prefer food items which catch your fancy. Concept food, which are experimental in nature yet beautifully plated and decorated will be your choice of cuisine.

You are not particularly mindful of the food that you eat, as long as it has an exquisite presentation. In a matter of saying, your take on food is modernist. The more scene-stealing the food item, more you are keen to try it. Leos thus prefer molecular cuisine.

  1. Virgo

Virgos are levelheaded, organized and no-nonsense people. As for your choice of food, you will choose something that is non messy and immaculately neat. Japanese cuisine is a great hit for you.

You believe in eating healthy and clean, with as less spices and condiments possible. Hence, semi-raw healthy Japanese recipes are your favourite. If you are feeling adventurous, you may even like Mediterranean cuisine which consist mostly of simple seasoned food items like grilled chicken, potato salad, lamb chops etc., which are easy on the stomach and on your taste buds.

  1. Libra

Your moon sign screams balance and hence, you prefer well balanced food item, with perfect blend of spices and condiments. You are classy and prefer aesthetic eating. Libra natives are social and enjoy eating out with your vast circle of friends.

You prefer food which you can class up with ornamental condiments and seasonings. You are also indecisive. Your go to cuisine would be Italian. You cannot go wrong there. Top it up with a generous spread of your fancy cheese and wine, you are good to go. The versatility of Italian cuisine appeals to the Libra natives.

  1. Scorpio

You are feisty and yet show extreme restraint. You are intense and take the road less travelled. Your choice of food brings out this delightful combination of the extremes in your persona. You are strong, fearless and passionate.

You value tradition and therefore recipes that have strong roots in tradition and sentiment appeals to you. French Cuisine works for you the best. Classics like ratatouille, French onion soup, soufflés etc. are your favourites. You also like Jamaican cuisine which matches the heat and flair of your personality.

  1. Sagittarius

You love adventure, spice and colorful. You are independent, jolly and a happy go lucky person. As for your food choices, you treat them no less than an adventure in itself. You are drawn to Indian food because of the myriad array and concoction of flavourful spices.

Each dish has a distinct flavour which speaks to the experimental and explorative Sagittarius. You also like Spanish cuisine for similar palette of spices and flavours. You will be as happy to try spicy tortilla as you will be to try out zesty butter chicken.

  1. Capricorn

Responsible and diligent as you are, you prefer cuisines which will be a constant. You are not very experimental in nature and prefer to stick to what you know that you already know that you like. Sometimes rigid in your opinions, you are not open to try out new things or recipes.

Chinese or Thai cuisines are best suited for you. No matter which restaurant you to go to or where you eat, chances of messing up a classic Chinese or Thai dish are very low. You do not play odds and stick to your preferred choice of food.

  1. Aquarius

You are exciting and experimental. Your heart is as open as your mind, and you do not hesitate to try out new things or cuisines. Eccentric is your personality as well as food selections. Mexican dishes bursts with colours and flavours, just like you are. Mexican food satiates not just your taste buds but also compliments your personality.

The social person that you are, often you can be found digging deep into nachos and guacamole while entertaining your social circle with something revolutionary. Your food pickings are as progressive as you are.

  1. Pisces

You are super adaptable and flexible. You are intuitive and imaginative and not to mention, extremely creative. Compassionate and emotional as you are, your selection of food also reflects the same.

You like Spanish cuisine as your interest is piqued by how a limited number of spices can create a plethora of dishes. You like natural flavoured food. Hence comfort food like tapas, paella and chorizo are your go-to favourites. Rooted in culture and tradition, these Spanish recipes are a perfect blend of fun and comfort, just as you are.

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