Weight loss tips for 12 zodiac signs

22 October is celebrated as the National Nuts day. On this day the Liberation Foods company started this day in 2015 to mark the significance of nuts in our healthy lives. Nuts are a good source of fiber and proteins.They are good food supplements to maintain over all good health. They contain Omega-3, Omega-6, minerals Vitamins like vitamin E and magnesium which are all required for a good health. The diet with high content of nuts significantly affect weight loss and add more years to your life. Best part of Nuts is that they reduce the risk of many chronic diseases like blood pressure, sugar levels and lowers the risk of certain cancers. As a substitute of food among snacks, Nuts are the best choice for weight management. Weight management is the most important necessity of life in the present day. Astrology plays a significant role in health management and more and more people are nowadays inclined towards astrology for healthy life. Considering this, here is an article on weight loss according to your moon sign. Keeping fit is important. How astrology can help in this? This article deals with the 12 zodiac signs and their traits that can come handy when it comes to losing weight.

Weight loss tips for 12 zodiac signs


When you think that you have put on a few extra pounds and plan to lose weight, internet blasts you with millions of options and information about how to go about it and the various diet plans that will be beneficial for you along with the multiple weight loss products and medicines. We end up trying millions of diet plan and exercise regime with various weight loss [products but all in vain.

In order to know which plan will work best for you, you need to know more about your personality and body type as not everything is meant for everyone. This where Vedic astrology comes into a role play for you! Every ascendant (zodiac sign has a body type, personality, and eating habit.
Once we get to know which body type do we belong, finding the right set of weight loss diet plans, exercises, and weight loss products will definitely
become easier!

Here in this article, we will talk about a few weight-loss tips that are beneficial for every zodiac sign individually.

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  1. Aries

An Aries ascendant has a god gifted strong and well-built physique. But the problem with them is that they tend to put on weight even with the slightest intake of only water. If you do not control your dietary habits then you will put on weight heavily with a span of few days getting rid of which will be a difficult affair. Unable to resist temptation is your drawback. The most stubborn and trouble area for the Aries ascendant to lose weight from is their belly fat and their lower back area (hip area) is also heavier and has the most stubborn fat. Hence, in order to curb these fat related problems, you should at all cost avoid eating junk, oily and fast food and should rather opt for healthy food options such as rich protein and green leafy vegetable, lean meat, low-fat milk and yogurt, fruits and natural juices (not packaged), etc. Also, you should prefer having your dinner before sunset and just in case you eat something after that, completely rely on liquid or light diet.

  1. Taurus

The bodily structures of a Taurus Ascendant (zodiac sign) is average but yet are known to be the most attractive zodiac sign of the whole lot. Even though they are not the abs-packers still they possess a charismatic personality that can sway people off their feet. The problem with Taurus is that they are unable to burn calories that they put on easily and therefore staying on a strict diet plan is your only savior. The problem most of the Taureans face is with the belly fat and lower back fat (hip area). In order to get id of these stubborn and difficult fat deposition, you should also try and avoid having any heavy meals after sunset. Food items such as chicken, lettuce, cauliflower, Beans, Spinach, Green Beans, Lean Fish, strawberries and pineapples are few of the food options that Taurus should include in their dietary plan.

  1. Gemini

Gemini ascendant is short or average in height and personality with a muscular body. They seldom gain weight ever in their life. You do not like to be bullied on the off chance that you put on weight and cannot be forced into a diet plan. The problem area for a Gemini is fat deposits fatty arms, double chin, and Shoulder fat. You have to choose it on your own to choose to join a weight loss program that will help you to target these areas to lose weight. But just in case they start gaining weight, then the best weight loss tip for them will be to stop eating junk, oily and fast food. Including cheese, chicken, peas, bell peppers, peaches and grapefruits in your diet will help you in your weight loss process.

  1. Cancer

As per the cancer ascendant, your body type is lean and you do not easily put on weight even though eating food is your favorite hobby and are famous to be the foodie amongst all the 12 zodiacs. Rich, heavy, traditional and oily foods are your favorite. Therefore you mostly (not all) tend to have fatty arms, double chin and fatty shoulders. Even though they have an unparallel love for food, they are fitness freaks as well; it is also one of the factors that their body fat is always under control. But even after all of this, just in case they do put on some weight, then with the help for rigorous physical training they get rid of those extra kilos that they might have put on in the above-mentioned areas of the body. Chicken, beetroot, eggplants, mangoes, soya bean sprouts, bananas and oranges

  1. Leo

Leo ascendants mostly have a lean and muscular body structure and are blessed with great inner strength. They are known to be crazy for fitness but at times they tend to get lazy to maintain a routine. If Jupiter is not placed well then Leo becomes extremely lazy and because of which they start gaining weight rapidly. You have a habit of having high ambitions with low to no patience at all which puts you in the risk of putting on weight in no time. The area of concern for the Leo ascendant is belly fat, along with lower back (hip area) fat. In such a situation, if they keep a track on their food habits and turn towards ‘ayurvedic’ or ‘herbal’ option for weight loss then it will help them drastically in their fight against weight loss and target the specific areas of concern. Lamb, guinea fowl, cheese, cucumber, asparagus are few food items that if included in your diet, will help you fasten your weight loss journey.

  1. Virgo

The Virgo ascendant has a plump body structure and needs to constantly keep a check on their dietary habits. They suffer from a poor digestive system just in case if Jupiter is not strongly placed in their natal chart. The major problem with them is that they become way too perfectionist even with their diet plan and spend most of their plan in order to weigh the exact weight of the food items they need to consume. They ignore the fact that instead of grinding their head over the correct weight of the ingredient a simple diet plan can do wonders for them. the areas with which a Virgo struggles is losing fat are arm fat, double chin and should fat. They should consume 2-3 glasses of warm water early in the morning empty stomach right after they wake up. Lean meat, cauliflower, broccoli, apples, guavas celery, spinach, eggplant are beneficial food items for the weight loss of a Virgo native.

  1. Libra

Libra ascendant is average or medium built body structure and tends to gain weight faster but they are also renowned fitness freaks as well. The lack of perseverance leads to an imbalance in their dietary habits and they tend to indulge in heavy eating habit such as a complete five-course meal. Because of this, they suffer from weight gain in the form of belly fat and lower back (hip area) fat. They should keep in mind to have mild or smaller meals at certain intervals of time which will further help the native to keep that extra weight off especially from the specific areas. It is essential for them to manage their eating habits and if they are successful at doing so, they can easily lose weight without much of an effort.

  1. Scorpio

For Scorpio ascendant, they have a well sculpted muscular body structure. If Jupiter is wrongly laced in the natal chart then it may lead to weight gain for the native. You are a highly sensitive person and the slightest change in the environment can become a reason for your restlessness. You are easily affected by things happening around you. Stay cautious about these changes and taking precautions beforehand will be good for you. But still fat deposit in areas such as fatty arms, double chin and fatty shoulder area is a major issue for them. The use of ayurvedic medicine clubbed with regular exercises and a controlled diet will do miracles for a Scorpio native and will also help them target burning fat from these specific areas mentioned above. Eating underground grown vegetables such as radish, carrot, beetroot, green leafy vegetables, peas, cabbage, fruits will be good for you.

  1. Sagittarius

As per the ascendant native, they have a lean and long body type. Most of them seldom gain weight but just in case they do then getting back to shape depends on their will to transform. Patience is not their strongest suit and does not get swayed by high-end goals. Losing weight in a healthy manner should be the priority and not quickly. The problem areas for the Sagittarius native are Thigh and calf fat. Therefore, brisk walking clubbed with strict control on junk, oily and fast food will help you lose those extra kilos in no time if done diligently particularly from the specific areas. Green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, kale, cabbage, red meat, lamb pears, and raspberries are few food items that may work for you!

  1. Capricorn

In the case of Capricorn ascendant, their body type is lean and long and they do not have to deal with weight gain issues (in most cases). But just in case they have put on some weight due to an unknown reason, losing it will be a fight for them as they do not lose weight easily either. Especially, when it comes to losing the thigh and calf fat. So, just in case they need to lose weight from these specific areas, consuming 2-3 glasses of warm water early in the morning along with regular exercises will help them a lot. Seafood such as prawns, shrimp, lean fish, lettuce, leek, green beans, blueberries are few of the food items that can also prove helpful for them.

  1. Aquarius

Aquarius ascendant is average built body type. They do not have control over their eating habits because of which they quickly put on weight. Constraint and obligation do not work for you and rather compels you to do things you’ve been asked not to in the first place. The major type of fat existing in their body is the thigh fat and the calf fat. Therefore, you will have to work a lot on constraining your urge to eat unhealthy and untimely. In order to commit to the self-improvement, you need to keep strict control over your eating habits. Ayurvedic medicines along with controlled diet plan along with regular exercise (and some cardio exercise) will help an Aquarius in weight loss tremendously.

  1. Pisces

Pisces ascendant is muscular and has a well-built body structure are known to be big time fitness freaks. Pisces are known to be extremely sensible and something like gaining weight that makes them lose their ground quicker than their expectation. Gaining weight can be a great issue for you and may make you feel awkward. So, if you have gained weight especially in the form of thigh and calf fat, then you can control it with regular exercise along with a planned schedule for meals will help them in losing weight. Food items such as rice, peas, cauliflower, cheese, lean red meat, strawberries can help you keep your weight in check.

All the above-mentioned zodiac signs should always follow the following two weight loss tips regularly (even if they are not over-weight, it’ll help them stay fit and active):

  • Avoid having heavy meals after sunset. Prefer having more liquid than solid food after sunset.
  • Early in the morning, right after waking up, have 2-3 glasses of warm water before getting busy with your daily chores.